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Hailey Bieber Breaks Silence On Justin Bieber Divorce Rumors

The “Rhode” founder Hailey Bieber is tired of keeping mute about the months-long speculations that her marriage with the “Peaches” crooner Justin Bieber is on the verge of collapse.

For months now, both fans and critics have made it a point of duty to pick on every single thing Hailey and Justin do just so they can ascertain whether the couple’s marriage is still going strong or if it’s doomed.

Anyway, Hailey has had enough and she finally broke her silence on the matter. Hailey’s reaction comes after a TikTok account with the name Hollywire, shared an over one-minute clip of “clues” that Hailey is tired of her marriage and wants out.

In the clip which the account captioned, “Hailey Bieber hints she’s divorcing Justin Bieber?” The user alleged that Hailey is the one pushing for a divorce due to her Instagram post.

Hailey Bieber Breaks Silence On Justin Bieber Divorce Rumors

The post that the account shared in the video was a popular meme, “‘No worries either way’ when I’m actually worrying both ways plus a secret third way” which Hailey re-shared on Instagram with the caption, “Wow I feel very seen.” The user went on to claim that the post was a clue.

The user also featured another post that Hailey recently shared which was a series of pictures she took on a beach; however, the last slide of the picture featured a screenshot of a chat that read, “He is inconsequential to my existence.” The user concluded the clip with a question about the viewers’ opinion of Hailey and Justin’s marriage.

Hailey Bieber — Hailey’s Reaction To The Clip

Fans flooded the account’s comments section with comments like, “Is she saying Justin is inconsequential to her life?” and, “This is brutal,” and even, “Maybe he wants to run out from that nonsense they called marriage. He is suffering a lot.” One of Hailey’s friends Emily Ratajkowski, 31, even Waltzed into the comments and said, “Last slide.”

Meanwhile, not everyone thought that the 27-year-old’s marriage would be collapsing any moment as they pointed out that the chat was gotten from a scene from “The Real Housewives of Potomac.”

While the noise was going on about her divorce, the supermodel quietly stepped in and wrote, “You guys are obsessed!” With a laughing emoji to drive home the fact that she found it so amusing. In the blink of an eye, her comment reached over 8000 likes as fans came to her defense in the comments section.

One fan wrote: “I promise you my girl Hailey is too classy for her to take marriage problems online she has a life outside of him.” Another added: “This couple will never divorce and even if something happens and they wanted to breakup they won’t because of how everyone is wishing on their downfall.” And a third wrote: “Feel like the more hate they get the stronger their relationship comes. Also Hailey commented. She and Justin prob laughing right now.”

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