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Jay-Z Obeys Daughter Blue Ivy In Adorable Instagram Dad Super Bowl Scene!

Jay-Z proved just prior to the Super Bowl that at least one person in his life gets to order him around. And cameras captured the rapper, 53, obeying his daughter Blue Ivy, 11, on the football field sidelines. But Jay-Z didn’t finish his dad duties when he concluded photographing his preteen.

Find out about the adorable scene between dad and daughter. And learn what question Blue Ivy posed to Jay-Z. Get all the details below.

Blue Ivy, 11, Tells Dad Jay-Z What To Do!

Dad duties take precedent over everything else for Jay-Z. And his fans cheered to see the rapper taking his parenting role so seriously. It all began when his daughter Blue Ivy decided she wanted to her famous father to take her photo just before the Super Bowl, noted Page Six.

However, Jay-Z then listened closely as Blue Ivy directed him to photograph her. And after he even put himself in awkward positions trying to capture her poses, the 11-year-old wanted to approve her pics. “Was it live?” Blue Ivy questioned Jay-Z.

Jay-Z Obeys Daughter Blue Ivy In Adorable Instagram Dad Super Bowl Scene!

But though fans loved watching Jay-Z take his daughter’s request so seriously, some couldn’t resist joking about the results. And after Blue Ivy strolled off with her father, fans questioned the rapper’s photography skills. For instance, one joked, “Lmaooooo she was so disappointed in his work he had to look for a professional to take it .” And another shared, “She’s not impressed. With all that lighting & this man gets it wrong.”

Blue Ivy Looks Like Beyonce’s Mini Me

However, at the end of the day, fans couldn’t resist comparing Blue Ivy to her mother Beyonce. And one fan theorized that Jay-Z practiced his photography skills first on his famous wife. “Mind you he’s Beys cameraman. She said it’s a CHOP,” commented the fan.

Just like Beyonce, Blue Ivy pays attention to her style. And although Jay Z opted for a Roc Nation look, the preteen paired a large Tupac T-shirt with a zip-up sweatshirt. Red-and-white Nike shoes helped Blue Ivy quickly move from one pose to another as her faithful father snapped her pics.

In recent years, Beyonce and Jay-Z have allowed Blue Ivy to make more public appearances. And with each one, fans notice that the preteen increasingly resembles her famous mom. For instance, in the summer, Blue Ivy joined her parents at the NBA finals.

And as the preteen closely observed the Golden State Warriors challenge the Boston Celtics, Jay-Z hugged Blue Ivy. But like so many kids of that age, the rapper’s daughter asked him to stop. “Not my hair,” Blue Ivy scolded her father. However, he couldn’t resist kissing her on the cheek. 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about these glimpses of Jay-Z taking dad duties so seriously? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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