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Jennifer Lopez Rebrands Amid Waning Interest

Jennifer Lopez is rebranding herself amid the waning interest in her tour. She’s tirelessly promoted her new project, This is Me…Now.

The singer will tour for the last time in her music career. However, she’s struggled to generate interest. Read on to learn more.

J.Lo – Rebrands Tour

Jennifer Lopez rebranded herself. Her nationwide tour is now called This Is Me… Now: The Tour to This Is Me… J.Lo Live.

It’ll now focus on her popular hits rather than the music from her latest project. The new tour included a new poster.

Jennifer Lopez Rebrands Amid Waning Interest

In February, Jennifer announced that she was going on tour for the first time in five years. At the time, it was called This is Me…Now. She canceled seven stops due to waning interest in her tour.

Sources told Billboard that the dates were canceled “due to routing issues but that new shows have been added and will be announced soon.”

Jennifer Lopez rebranded her tour. She shared the new name along with a new poster. The original poster included a shot from her This is Me…Now musical film.

The new poster is a glamorous shot of the actress. Jennifer wore a sheer bedazzled dress. She posed in front of a purple diamond.

The tour also has a new glamorous theme with its purple colors. However, this new tour includes fewer stops. Jennifer decided to put on a variety show for her fans who aren’t interested in her new album.

Last month, she struggled to sell tickets for her tour. She faced backlash for her high ticket prices. Some fans criticized J.Lo for likening herself to Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Is Jennifer Lopez Secretly Broke?

Now, there are questions as to whether Jennifer Lopez is broke. She tried to revamp her tour to make it more appealing to fans. Jennifer previously revealed that she spent $20 million to finance her album and musical, This is Me…Now: A Love Story and the accompanying documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

Fans haven’t been interested in hearing more about J.Lo’s relationship with Ben Affleck. But she felt that her story needed to be told. Some fans took to Reddit to wonder whether she’s losing money from this expensive project.

“Estimated net worth and what she actually has are two different things,” one fan wrote.

“I’m not saying she’s broke but I heard she spent $20M of her own money to finance her movie, tour, and album,” another user noted.

“Her tour sales did very poorly. Seems like she wants to try and make some of that money back,” a third user wrote.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Lopez rebranding herself? Do you think she’s secretly broke? Sound off below in the comment section.

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