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Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out On the “Scary” Part of AI, But Also Admits It Has Potential

Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out On the “Scary” Part of AI, But Also Admits It Has PotentialJennifer Lopez‘s Netflix sci-fi film ‘Atlas’ is off to a blazing start, topping Netflix’s most-watched movie in its first week. In the movie, Lopez is a data analyst who has a strong dislike for AIs but learns to trust it for the sake of humanity’s survival.

While the problems are created by a malevolent AI-powered robot, played by “Shang-Chi’s” Simu Liu, humans and AI would ultimately join forces to defeat it and put a stop to its nefarious world domination strategies.

In the real world though, Jennifer Lopez thinks AI can be both scary and helpful, depending on its applications.

Jennifer Lopez Is “Scared” By How AI Is Using Her Face To Sell Anti-aging Products

Speaking to Variety during the premiere of the movie about the emergence of AI, Lopez observed, “I think this movie does a good job of showing how AI could go incredibly wrong, and this is how it could go really right.”

She also touched on her own “scary” real-world experience with AI, sharing that she wasn’t okay seeing AI digitally manipulating pictures of her face and adding in wrinkles just to sell “skincare that I know nothing about.”

“It’s really scary,” she admitted. “Right away we had them stealing our faces. So, yes, [AI] is really scary.”

However, instead of dismissing the emerging technology because of all the harm that may come from it – loss of jobs being the most prominent concern – Lopez also wants people to be open to the vast opportunities that it presents.

“These movies that are talking about AI — especially this one — do a really good job of showing both sides,” she said.

‘Atlas’ is currently available to stream on Netflix.

This is coming at the height of rumors Lopez and husband Ben Affleck are headed to a divorce, after a source shared that the couple were allegedly no longer living in the same house and didn’t spend Mother’s Day together.

Affleck didn’t attend the premiere of ‘Atlas,’ but was pictured on the same day filming his upcoming movie ‘The Accountant 2.’

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