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Justin Bieber Gets Slammed By Fans For Ignoring Hailey’s Tribute To Him

Bieber fans are pretty mad at the “Baby” singer Justin Bieber for his latest online activity. It happened that Justin has been active on Instagram, continuously liking and commenting on other people’s posts but he didn’t deem it fit to acknowledge the beautiful birthday tribute his wife Hailey Bieber composed for him when he turned 30.

It’s no longer news how their marriage has been sparking divorce rumors since the beginning of the year, yet, Justin has yet to debunk or act in a way that will prove the rumors wrong.

To crown it all, every move Hailey makes is being questioned and scrutinized, all because of the speculations about her marriage.

Justin Bieber Gets Slammed By Fans For Ignoring Hailey's Tribute To Him

Recently, the “Love Yourself” singer began following vocalist Sabrina Carpenter on Instagram on Monday, leaving Bieber fans with no choice but to call him out for snubbing Hailey while following several hot female celebrities online.

Justin Bieber — How Fans Reacted To Justin’s Action

Taking a screenshot evidence of Justin following Sabrina, a fan took to an online thread to share it and also invite other fans to share their opinions.

The poster wrote on the captain: “Justin, back to Instagram and started following Sabrina Carpenter and still doesn’t like any of Hailey’s posts. Actions speak louder than words. He literally likes and comments on everyone’s posts except her.”

The poster continued, “Even the birthday post she posted for him he ignored it. She is married to his last name, his money, and the ring, not to Justin. He is not with her and doesn’t see her.” Someone took to the comments to write, “… He really does not f**k with her (Hailey) lol.”

A second added, “I’m not a huge fan of any of these people but even I was kinda surprised when he married Hailey,” a third chimed in, “He married her to make Selena jealous,” and a fourth remarked, “He messed up royally when he didn’t get that pre-nup.”

Earlier this month, the 30-year-old came under fire for dropping a “flirty” comment on the birthday post of his longtime friend Madison Beer. The controversial comment was “Hbd,” accompanied by a party hat emoji, heart-eye emoji, and melting-face emoji.

Bieber fans angrily concluded that Justin’s comment was “flirty,” and to crown it all, his comments came when there is still a heavy belief that his marriage with the Supermodel, 27, is under rocks.

Taking to Reddit someone wrote, “Sure [the heart-eye emoji] can be used platonically, but it’s also very widely used for flirting, and quite obviously so,” another wrote, “People say he posts the heart-eye emoji a lot, but to me the egregious one is the melting one. Even without the heart eyes the melting to a pretty lady’s picture is definitely flirtatious.”

The third fan wrote, “Every emoji he did was fine until [the heart-eye emoji]. I’m p**sed off on Hailey’s behalf. Hailey is screaming crying throwing up rn,” another felt that wherever Hailey is, “She’s seething.”

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