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Justin Bieber Selling Off Major Assets, Singer Experiencing Financial Issues?

Justin Bieber Selling Off Major Assets, Singer Experiencing Financial Issues?Justin Bieber is undeniably one of the most successful artists of his generation. He started his career off at the young age of 15 and has created an incredible musical legacy. With that being said, a source recently told In Touch that the singer might be dealing with some money issues.

Justin Bieber – Flies Commercial For A Trip

According to the report, Justin and his wife Hailey recently took a commercial flight, which is a huge change in how the couple generally flies.

A source tells In Touch, “While they always fly private, Justin simply couldn’t afford it this time.” They also noted that Bieber is spending more money than he’s earning, which is the reason behind the budgetary cutbacks.

Still, he recently purchased Hailey a diamond ring with a price tag of $700,000; however, he was advised against it. With that being said, it is alleged that Bieber applied for a loan to buy it, and the loan was denied. He still bought it, anyway.

The source notes, “If Justin doesn’t make some changes soon, he could lose everything. He is going to go broke.”

Interestingly enough, Justin recently sold his music catalog for more than $200 million. Sadly, it’s being claimed that Bieber is blowing through those funds fast. It’s important to note that he hasn’t released a new album since 2021 and he hasn’t gone on tour since 2022.

A Baby Makes Three …

Last month, the Biebers recently announced that they are expecting their first child. While they haven’t officially revealed the gender, Hailey has been hinting that it’s a girl. The couple got married in 2018.

At the age of 30, if Justin is blowing through his fortune fast, he may want to slow down. Most parents know that having a baby isn’t cheap, and for all the work he’s done over the years he deserves to pass on incredible fortune on to his offspring.

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