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Justin Timberlake Has A Lot of Work To Do To Save Marriage To Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake Has A Lot of Work To Do To Save Marriage To Jessica BielJustin Timberlake’s DWI arrest this week has led to a lot of speculations about the singer’s personal life and marriage to Jessica Biel.

We’ve gotten the “this is going to ruin the tour” memes and I’m sure that was funny, even if it was for a while, but sources are saying that his The Hamptons, New York arrest might have more far-reaching consequences than funny memes or even the tour. It might actually tear apart his over a decade marriage to the beautiful Jessica Biel.

Insiders Say Justin Timberlake Scandal “Colosally Embarassed” Jessica Biel

Imagine chilling with friends on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, logging into the internet and seeing a misty-eyed mugshot of your husband trending. Most of us might not be able to relate, but Jessica Biel certainly does.

While Britney Spears and the fandom are having a laugh – “Cry Me A River” right? – this incident could be the start of a bigger something for Timberlake. How he handles it will mean whether he comes out a pro or divorced.

“Jessica will be colossally disappointed and embarrassed that once again, Justin is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons,” a source said. “There’s going to be a lot of questions asked of Justin moving forward, without a doubt.

The source added: “He clearly has this self-destructive streak that keeps rearing its head. Jessica has shown the patience of a saint forgiving his various misdeeds over the past few years but this is really testing her patience and then some.”

A day before his DWI arrest, Biel had praised Timberlake, 42, as the family “rock.” However despite this, the source claimed that their marriage has been struggling in recent years.

“It’s well known that their marriage has been on the brink for some time. But he’s gone and screwed up again, which is going to affect everyone in his world, not just him.”

How Justin Timberlake Healed His Marriage To Jessica Biel Following His 2019 Scandal

Timberlake’s latest booze night is far from being the only storm the couple have weathered in the past.

In 2019, the “SexyBack” hitmaker was photographed holding hands with co-star Alisha Wainwright.
As the scandal raged on, Timberlake decided to issue a public apology to his wife and two kids, calling the incident a “strong lapse in judgement.” He blamed booze for the behavior.

Apart from the apology, a source claimed he put a lot of work into winning his wife’s trust again following the scandal. “And to his credit that’s something he managed to pull off by changing his lifestyle and focusing on becoming a better version of himself.”

The source added: “They moved away from Los Angeles and settled in Montana, went to therapy and he swore up and down he’d never embarrass her or put their marriage in jeopardy again.”

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