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Justin Hartley’s “Tracker” Gets An Action-packed Trailer

It’s no doubt that fans would love to see more of Justin Hartley on screen, and our prayers are getting answered this 2024 with a brand new CBS series.

To top it off, we get to see Hartley play the tough guy for a change. “Tracker” is now officially added to my New Year resolution list – the trailer is that good.

Justin Hartley’s Lone-Wolf Survivalist Goes On A Cross-country Adventure Solving Mysteries

In “Tracker,” Hartley is a lone-wolf survivalist, Colter Shaw, who is on a mission to solve mysteries. In the trailer, which dropped on Friday, he is seen on wild adventures. “You collect rewards, right?” he is asked in the trailer.

Making his way through a forest, he replies “I prefer the term ‘rewardist.’ Everyone’s looking for something.”

Justin Hartley's “Tracker” Gets An Action-packed Trailer

The show’s synopsis reads: “Lone-wolf survivalist Colter Shaw roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family.”

As Shaw travels all over the US on missions, he at one time encounters a young woman injured during her wilderness adventure.

After staying long enough to help her out, he tells her: “How you survive is you make quick, smart decisions. You remain calm. You never let panic take the wheel.”

Based on the novel “The Never Game” by Jeffery Deaver, the CBS show will use the popularity of the Super Bowl to hard launch the show on Feb. 11. It was originally picked up to series in December 2022 and marks Hartley’s first return to TV since starring in the hit show “This is Us.”

The drama will debut on CBS and the CBS app and will then stream on Paramount+ the day after the episode airs.

Hartley is listed as executive producer, alongside pilot director Ken Olin, Elwood Reid, Ben Winters and Deaver.

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