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Kanye West Breaks Internet: Instagram Meme Starts ‘Civil War’ With Celebs!

Kanye WestKanye West just broke the Internet with an Instagram meme. And the 44-year-old rapper’s post immediately went viral for several reasons. First, West cleverly manipulated a Captain America Civil War poster to craft his movie meme. And second, Kanye managed to divide the celebrity world into enemies (sorry, Taylor Swift!) and friends (why hello, Travis Scott!). 

But the Instagram meme also showed that West seems even more determined to feud with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, and those connected to her, like Pete Davidson. As a result, observers believe that Kanye wants to enlist more people into his battle against Kim. Find out about West’s war below.

Kanye Battles His Enemies, Praises Pals In Instagram Meme

Friend or foe?! Kanye West revealed which celebrities he feels have betrayed him in a new Instagram post. But the meme, consisting of a Photoshopped Captain America Civil War poster, also indicated some surprising stars on the rapper’s side of the battle, reported the Daily Mail. For instance, Kanye included his estranged wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson on the enemy side. And Kid Cudi and Taylor Swift apparently also have turned into West’s rivals.

But West included a former feud partner, Drake, and the baby daddy of Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, as standing with him. And while his followers know that Kanye feels furious at Kim, 41, and her boyfriend, 28, seeing Drake and Scott as his allies provided an unexpected insight. Other allies listed in the post included Julia Fox, 32.  And although Kanye later deleted the post, screenshots kept it viral on Twitter!

As for why Taylor Swift ended up on the list of enemies? Swift and West have feuded for years, ever since he usurped her 2009 acceptance speech for Best Video by a Female Artist at the MTV VMAs. But Billie Eilish’s inclusion stems from a new feud, with Kanye demanding she apologize to Travis for allegedly shading him. 

Kanye West Targets Kid Cudi In Instagram Meme: Here’s Why!

While the long list of enemies and allies does contain some obvious individuals, Kid Cudi might win as having the most complicated relationship with Kanye West. How did he go from friend to enemy? West wants his former friend Cudi to stop befriending Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. 

And Kanye hasn’t held back in his war against Cudi. For instance, West revealed that their collaboration will not get included in his new album. But the rapper also seemed to express sorrow in his social media posts about Cudi. “I JUST WANTED MY FRIEND TO HAVE MY BACK, THE KNIFE JUST GOES IN DEEPER,” he wrote.

And along with the caption, West shared a throwback photo of a 2019 dinner at Nobu Malibu with Kid Cudi and Pete Davidson. But while Kanye did call Cudi his friend, he used a graphic to show his feelings toward Kim’s boyfriend. The photo showed Pete with his face marked out in bright red!

And on an ironic note, Davidson has talked about having to pay for the entire meal after the evening, which marked Cudi’s 35th birthday. “[Kanye] kept ordering the whole entire time and I didn’t know he was coming,” recalled Pete. “And I already put my card down to pay because I thought it would be just me and Cudi.” But then Davidson proved he can throw shade just as well as West!

Questioned about what the rapper ordered, Pete mocked, “A bunch of rich people stuff… Order the f***ing everything because I can and then we all have one bite, maybe… because f***k you… guy.” Ouch. As a result of the feud between Pete and Kanye, West has targeted Cudi for staying friends with Davidson. For instance, West stated that Cudi “will not be on Donda [album] because he’s friends with ‘you know who’ [referring to Kim’s boyfriend].”

Tell us what you think about Kanye West’s Instagram meme! Do you feel surprised at seeing Drake and Travis Scott in his list of friends? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news! 

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