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Kanye West Reacts To Fan Calling Rapper ‘Amazing Father’

Kanye WestKanye West has increased his share of the spotlight in the wake of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce. And although some have slammed the rapper for his verbal attacks on his estranged wife, at least one fan believes in West. But that fan took a risk in telling Kanye his views. 

Can you guess how West reacted in getting called an “amazing father”?! Find out the details below. And catch up on the latest involving his alleged custody battle with Kim. 

Fan Calls Kanye West An ‘Amazing Father’

A daring fan reached out to tell Kanye West his views on the rapper’s role as dad. But the Close Encounter Of The Fan Kind contained some surprises, per TMZ. For instance, the scene involved West licking an ice cream cone. And it all took place as the rapper dished with paparazzi about the death of Andre Leon Talley, the fashion icon.

The scenario began with Kanye heading to an ice cream shop in Calabasas, California. As West ate his sweet treat, the fan walked up to praise West’s “amazing father” skills. And rather than ignore the stranger, the rapper went all out in rewarding him!  Kanye gave the fan a fist bump, expressing gratitude for the praise and recognition. And then off the rapper drove in a minivan.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Allegedly ‘Squabble’ Over Custody

But while Kanye enjoys fan fatherhood praise, his custody situation remains rocky, per the Daily Mail. Kim Kardashian and West allegedly “have been squabbling behind the scenes.” And the estranged duo reportedly can’t agree on custody terms for their four kids. 

Kim and Kanye co-parent two daughters (North, 8, and Chicago, 4) and two sons (Saint, 6, and Psalm, 2). And the tension between the former couple reportedly soared in the wake of Kanye’s public rants. For instance, West recently claimed he never got invited to Chicago’s fourth birthday. Kim denied that allegation. 

And Kardashian also reportedly got stressed over her estranged husband’s recently released “Eazy” track. First, the rapper slams Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson. And then West bashes how Kardashian raises their children.

Kanye West Throws Shade At Kim Kardashian Over Kids

In his new song, West claims that nannies rather than Kardashian supervise their children. “I watched four kids for like five hours today,” raps Kanye. “I got love for the nannies,” he adds. “But real family is better / The cameras watch the kids, y’all stop takin’ the credit.”

And West also rapped about his decision to purchase a home directly across the street from Kardashian. Kim reportedly feels upset about the potential for privacy issues. And she also allegedly worries about Kanye showing up at her front door without warning.

“Noncustodial dad, I bought the house next door,” raps West. “What you think the point of really bein’ rich for? / When you give ’em everything, they only want more / Boujee and unruly, y’all need to do some chores / Rich-a** kids, this ain’t yo’ mama house .”

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with the fan who called Kanye West an “amazing father”? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site to keep up with the Kardashians and Kanye!

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