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Kanye West STUNS In Instagram Return As Girlfriend Chaney Jones Flaunts ‘Ye’ Tattoo!

Kanye WestIn the wake of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce, Kanye West spent months feuding with his estranged wife via Instagram. For instance, the rapper repeatedly slammed the reality TV star’s parenting of their four children. And West also attacked those supporting Kim, in particular her boyfriend Pete Davidson. But then Kanye suddenly went silent.

As a result, West’s followers reacted with relief when he returned. Find out what caused Ye, as he’s also known, to make an Instagram comeback. And see how it relates to his girlfriend Chaney Jones’ tattoo. Get the latest Kanye West news below. 

Kanye West – Girlfriend Chaney Jones Inks her Love

Can a tattoo symbolize love? Kanye West’s girlfriend Chaney Jones thinks that it can. And she showed off her new ink on Instagram, reported TMZ

Symbolizing the next step in her romance, Chaney showed off her tattoo of Kanye’s nickname Ye on her wrist on social media. And though Jones also showed off that curvy figure in her post, fans went wild over the ink. The model’s decision to tattoo her love for Kanye comes after the two headed off to Japan. 

However, Jones and West tried to keep their trip private. But those ever-present fans caught sight of the rapper. As a result, several photos got posted on social media. Given that Chaney shared her new tattoo on Instagram, though, it looks like she has decided it’s time to make her romance with Kanye much more public. 

Kanye West – Returns To Instagram For Chaney Jones’ Tattoo Of His Name! 

No more social media silence for Kanye! In the wake of facing a backlash over his hostile Instagram posts, West just made a surprise comeback. And his girlfriend Chaney Jones gets the credit for Ye’s return. Fans spied Kanye’s comeback on Chaney’s post of her tattoo honoring their romance, reported Geo TV

And Ye made the sweetest return to social media in his response to that ink. West’s heart emoji said more than words ever could on Jones’ post. But some wondered if an agenda other than affection lies behind Kanye’s return. 

Intriguingly, Chaney got that tattoo of Ye’s name on her body just weeks after Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson covered his own skin with ink honoring Kardashian. And given that Kanye has slammed Pete repeatedly, some fans suspect that West appreciates Jones’ tattoo as proof that she loves him just as much as Davidson adores Kim. 

However, if Chaney wants to follow Pete’s lead, she will need several more tattoos. For instance, the “Saturday Night Live” star branded Kim’s name on his chest. And he also got a boastful tattoo reading “My girl is a lawyer” to flaunt the reality TV star’s legal aspirations. 

Tell us what you think. Why do you think that Kanye West returned to Instagram? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news. 

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