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Kanye West’s New Girlfriend Julia Fox Wants Fame, Not Rapper’s Love?

Kanye West's New Girlfriend Julia Fox Wants Fame, Not Rapper's Love?Kanye West at first got accused of exploiting new girlfriend Julia Fox. Some thought that the rapper had chosen the actress only to try to make estranged wife Kim Kardashian jealous. But amid that speculation, others allege that Julia herself just wants a “showmance.” 

Does Fox want the spotlight so much that she’s using West as a springboard to fame? Find out what insiders claim below, including reports that Julia once shoplifted to look like wealthy women! Plus discover the other woman in Kanye’s life!

Kanye West’s New Girlfriend Wants Fame, Not Rapper’s Love?

Julia Fox has enjoyed several dates with Kanye West, jump-starting the New Year with a new romance.  A model and actress, the 31-year-old most recently enjoyed dinner and a Broadway play in New York, reported the Daily Mail. And one insider shared that Julia and the rapper, 44, seem like “kindred spirits.”

But others don’t feel as convinced. Just like Kanye’s troubled relationship with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, Fox only recently “got out of a former relationship,” noted another source. And some think that she wants the fame and a “showmance” rather than a real romance with West. 

Julia has emphasized that she doesn’t believe in waiting for life to provide her with what she needs. Calling her upbringing “unstable,” Fox struggled with homelessness at one point. The actress even admitted that she used to steal clothes to attempt to look like the wealthy women she noticed in Manhattan.

“You’re seeing this really extravagant display of wealth, and you’re trying to look like that,” confessed Fox. “But you have to do it by stealing.” Eventually, she got arrested for shoplifting at Bloomingdale’s. Her career ranged from working as a dominatrix in her late teens to creating a knitwear business before choosing acting. 

Kanye West Doing Double-Dipping Dating?!

While Julia may welcome the newfound fame she’s found in dating Kanye, West appears to have decided to embrace the “single and ready to mingle” lifestyle. In addition to Fox, the rapper recently got spotted enjoying dates with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Audri Nix. Only hours prior to a date with Julia, the rapper and the musician, 27, headed to a gated property. 

Meanwhile, Fox has shared her new fame on her Instagram. For instance, Julia re-posted a photo that ran on Page Six, writing, “Thnx for the photo! @pagesix.” The actress’s followers responded with enthusiasm. “Superstar!” gushed one. And another simply put a series of “on fire” emojis. 

But not everyone supported Fox dating Kanye. One of her followers rudely wrote, “Kim [Kardashian] is better.” And another chimed in, “She is using Kanye to increase her instagram followers. A cheap attempt…” Ouch! 

What do you think? Are Kanye West and Julia Fox using each other for fame? Or do you think it’s a real romance rather than showmance? And after you’ve shared your views with us, check back on our site for all the celebrity news!

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