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Kelly Ripa Admits To Thoughts Of Divorcing Mark Consuelos

LIVE With Kelly & Mark host, Kelly Ripa recently did a podcast with Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she revealed some interesting information about her marriage to Mark Consuelos. In fact, Ripa went on to say that she’s had divorce on the brain before. More on this story, below.

“LIVE” Star Kelly Ripa Reacts To Kyle Richards’s Divorce News

During the podcast, Kelly admits that she did not see the divorce between Kyle and Mauricio Umansky coming, and the news shook her. Ripa notes that she asked her hubby Mark Consuelos, ‘Is this going to happen to us?’

Seeing what seemed to be a happy marriage between Mauricio and Kyle fall apart, Kelly was worried about her own marriage to Mark.

Kelly Ripa Admits To Thoughts Of Divorcing Mark Consuelos

She took the time during the podcast to ask Kyle questions as to why her marriage didn’t work out with Mauricio, as Kelly was hoping to get some insight to keep her relationship in tip-top shape.

“LIVE” Stars Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Attended Marriage Counselling

Ripa notes that she and Mark did go to marriage counseling after their youngest moved out. Kelly had been to counseling before; however, Mark had not.

The therapy was a preventative measure, as things got intense when all their children left the next. Ripa explains that they both agreed they never want to go into crisis mode.

It appears that was a good idea, as it seems the couple that works together continues to go strong. The two met while on the set of All My Children (AMC) and got married in 1996.

Kelly and Mark have three children together, all in their 20s, and as adults, all no longer living with their parents.

Kelly started her talk show career in 2001, next to Regis Philbin after Kathy Lee Gifford left the LIVE With Regis & Kathy Lee show. It then transformed to LIVE With Regis & Kelly; however, after Regis retired, Michael Strahan joined Kelly in 2012 and ended up leaving in 2016.

Ryan Seacrest would then replace Michael in 2017, only to leave the show in 2023. Now that Kelly’s hubby is by her side, it looks like LIVE With Kelly & Mark should last the long haul!

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  1. Terri Roddy says

    Will everyone just leave Kelly & Mark alone! They have a refreshing relationship, both on the show and away from the studio. Before you write a word about them ask yourself if you are unhappy and miserable about your empty life. If the answer is positive, go see a movie or take a long walk. Take a yoga class or make an appointment with a counselor.

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