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Kelly Ripa Sparks Intense Debate After Mentioning “Bad” Nighttime Habits

Kelly Ripa Sparks Intense Debate After Mentioning “Bad” Nighttime HabitsThe question is “do you sleep with wet hair?” The answer is a bit more complicated than you can expect. After Ripa and her husband touched on “bad” nighttime habits, a lot of emotions started surfacing, and well let’s just say Ripa is good at making rules and breaking ’em.

Kelly Ripa – Says She’s Guilty of Sleeping With Wet Hair After Calling Habit “Very Bad”

Fans are chiming in on the latest debate on “Live With Kelly and Mark.” Ripa posted a clip of the June 4 episode on Instagram with the caption “do you sleep with wet hair?”

Well, when it comes to the topic of wet hair, Ripa may be an offender, but at least she knows which side of the fence she’s on.

“How bad is it to go to bed with wet hair? It’s SO bad!” she replied, before admitting that she does it every once in a while.

However, before you present your arguments to a jury on whether sleeping with wet hair is all that bad,

Ripa adds that dermatologists have found that sleeping on wet hair can cause your hair to break in a number of different ways, mostly brought on by friction generated from the tossing and turning on the sheets.

To prevent this, Ripa says, “The good news is, it’s saying that you could invest in a satin or silk pillowcase — so I do that! — because that creates less friction. Try hair oil — I do that.”

Apart from hair breakage, fans pointed out other disadvantages of sleeping on wet hair. One fan wrote, “When I make this mistake [the] next morning I get a sore throat.”

But not all fans were pro “do not sleep with wet hair” as dozens confessed to doing it without seeing any of the advertised damages and side effects. “Hmm 53 been doing my entire life,” one person wrote, with another agreeing, “I do this every time.” “I have and turns out beautifully in the morning,” a different viewer wrote.

When hairstylist and ‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness appeared on the show, Ripa also raised the topic with him, and let’s just say he used words that will make you reconsider sleeping with wet hair.

“You guys, I think the rumors are true,” Jonathan said. “I think it’s not good. It’d be like sleeping with a wet rat on your face every night.”

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