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Is Hamilton Finn Leaving Port Charles, Is Michael Easton Out At GH?

General Hospital Spoilers Comings And Goings: Is Hamilton Finn Leaving GH?General Hospital’s Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is very quickly spiraling out of control since his father, Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) passed away.

Finn is certainly not paying adequate attention to his young daughter, Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) either.

General Hospital Spoilers – Is The Show Working Up To Michael Easton’s Latest Exit?

General Hospital fans know that Michael has already played several characters on the show in the past thirteen years. Easton joined the show when One Life To Live was cancelled in 2011.

Since then, Easton has played John McBain, Stephen Clay, Caleb Morley, Silas Clay and now Hamilton Finn. Unfortunately, Finn has not had the best of luck with women

Finn was doing fine until he accidentally took a sip of champagne at Harrison Chase’s wedding. Since then, it seems that Finn takes any excuse to pick up a bottle.

Finn realized he had a bottle of bourbon, which he drank, and Chase even caught Finn drinking vodka and covering it with breath mints.

GH Spoilers – Could Hamilton Finn Turn Back To Drugs?

Alcohol wasn’t Finn’s drug of choice in the beginning. Finn was originally addicted to pain pills because he suffered from a disease he contracted while working with Doctors Without Borders.

Finn finally found a cure, but he had to deal with his addiction and others framing him for drug use after he stopped.

Elizabeth walked in on Finn with another woman and was completely furious with him. Elizabeth is not going to put up with Finn acting this way when she has been nothing but good to him.

Elizabeth is trying to be a good girlfriend and support Finn while he mourns his father but he is not going to walk all over her.

General Hospital Spoilers – How Will Hamilton Finn Exit?

If Finn is leaving there are a few ways he could do that. One, of course, would be to leave town with his daughter and start over somewhere else.

However, it is highly unlikely that Liz or Chase will allow that. Will Liz or Chase try to get custody of Violet until Finn gets the help he needs? Will they force Finn to go to rehab?

Finn could also get out drinking and get into an accident. Finn my hit someone and kill them and end up going to prison for manslaughter. Finn could be in and accident and get killed himself.

Finn could be forced to go to rehab because of a problem that happens at work as well. What do you think, is Finn on the way out that door?

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  1. Diane says

    If Michael Easton is leaving I would like for Finn and Violet to leave Port Charles together. The writers can also have Hayden come back to join them. I want the Fayden family back together for a happy ending. ♥️

  2. Cheryl says

    Elizabeth needs to come down from her high horse. I hope if finn leaves he takes violet. If either Chase or Elizabeth gets custody I will have to decide whether to keep watching or not

    1. Tina says

      If they kill Finn I will stop watching the first time since I was 14. Elizabeth has not been a good girlfriend at all. She showed him no compassion and didn’t want to be around him. She knew his grief and addiction but just kept pushing him away. I cannot stand her now and I liked them together. I do not want anyone taking Violet away from Finn so I agree if he leaves she should go and they should join Hayden. Michael Easton deserves a truck load of Emmys for his work on this storyline.

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  5. Debbie says

    I love General hospital and I have been watching it for years. No offense but there story lines have become predictable and boring. They have drug sonny’s story line out for way to long, Nina and Drew really come on. They bring Jason back to make him boring. Vent over its just time to watch something else. Peace

  6. Deb F. says

    It all will depend on if Michael Easton’s contract gets renewed. I have been seeing a bunch of reports that he is in contract negotiations with the powers that be at ABC Daytime. If they can’t come to an agreement, then Easton might not be asked to stick around and Finn could wind up in that big soap opera rehab in the sky.

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