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Kim Kardashian Accidentally Exposes Jaw Line Filler At Event

Kim Kardashian Accidentally Exposes Jaw Line Filler At EventKim Kardashian accidentally exposed her jawline filler at a red carpet event. She tried to hide it with her new hairstyle.

However, fans noticed something different about her look in an unedited photo that surfaced on social media. They agreed that she would “want this deleted.” Keep on reading to learn more.

Kim Kardashian Unedited Photo Surfaces

Kim Kardashian attended the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony on Saturday, April 13 with her mom Kris Jenner. An unedited photo of the two went viral on social media. Some fans noted that it was unflattering to her features.

The mother-and-daughter duo attended an event at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles, which celebrated “the world’s top scientists working in fundamental scientists.” It’s unclear why Kim and Kris showed up to the event. Kris wore an all-black outfit with a long skirt and blazer.

Kim Kardashian complimented her mother in a white curve-hugging evening gown that featured a halter-style cutout that showed off her cleavage. It also had mini slits on the side and straps at the waist. Kim wore her dark hair wet with side-swept bangs. One fan posted the unedited red carpet photos on Reddit.

“Kris [Jenner] or Kim is gonna make [us] delete this,” one fan wrote alongside the skull emoji.

“Wow, you can really see the jaw filler that Kim has. It looks terrible,” another user noted.

“Was it raining? What is with the messy hair? It’s not a flattering look, sweetie,” noted a third user.

Kim Kardashian Could Have Photo Removed

Most fans joked that Kim Kardashian would want this photo removed from the internet. It didn’t show her in a flattering light.

Redditors noted how harsh her face looked with her makeup and hairstyle. Others could see the filler that froze her face.

“Botched filler,” one fan wrote.

“Jesus, [Kim] looks bad,” another user commented.

Kim Kardashian last experimented with her style at Paris Fashion Week. She wore goth makeup and styled her hair in a tight ponytail.

During that time, Kim wore a Balenciaga curve-hugging dress that featured sheer lace. Some fans pointed out her “painfully tight” jawline.

“Yes, the clenched jaw was the first thing I noticed. Is her jaw clenched?” one fan on Reddit asked.

Kim denied having plastic surgery. She claimed to have given up fillers and Botox. The Hulu freaked out from the side effects.

However, fans don’t believe her and claim she still tweaks her looks. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comment section.

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