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Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose Blanchard Connect Over Prison Reform

Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose Blanchard Connect Over Prison ReformKim Kardashian has revealed a surprising new relationship she has formed in this past week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode.

The socialite has revealed that she has been talking with none other than the recently released Gypsy Rose Blanchard who made a quick appearance on the reality family’s Hulu series.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard gained notoriety following the murder of her mother Dee Dee back in 2015. Blanchard was convicted of second degree murder and was released from Chillicothe Correctional Center located in Missouri in December of 2023.

KUWTK – Latest Episode Features Gypsy Rose Blanchard

During the July 4th episode of KUWTK, Kim revealed to her family that Gypsy had reached out to her on social media earlier this year. “She’s expressed wanting to get into prison reform and I think that with what she’s learned being in prison herself, I just think there’s such an opportunity for her to use her platform in a really important way.”

During the filming of the episode, Kim and Gypsy meet up to discuss prison reform, with the 32-year-old Blanchard seeming impressed by the socialite and her involvement with the cause.

Gypsy Rose – Honored To Meet Kim Kardashian

“First of all, meeting Kim was a huge honor,” Gypsy told the outlet in May. “She’s a really sweet woman and I really appreciate her taking the time to talk with me.

We had a lot to talk about as far as prison reform goes. I know that she’s done some really amazing things with prison reform. And that’s really close to my heart because I’ve been on that side of the fence.”

Since the filming of the Kardashian’s latest episode, it is unclear if Kim and Gypsey have made any headway when it comes to their shared passion.

Currently, Kim is rumored to have put her schooling to become an attorney on pause while Gypsy has been busy filming her own reality series.

KUWTK fans can see what happens next when it comes to Kim and Gypsy’s meeting in next week’s episode of the series.

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