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When Calls the Heart Showrunner Alters Show, Fans Outraged

When Calls the Heart Showrunner Alters Show, Fans OutragedWhen Calls the Heart fans are outraged that the showrunner altered the show. There is no longer hope in Hope Valley. Season 11 was stressful and dramatic in that it left fans on the edge of their seats. But some viewers wish the Hallmark series would return to its drama-free and wholesome ways. Keep on reading to learn more.

When Calls The Heart Season 11 Spoilers: Showrunner Ruins Hope

According to the When Calls the Heart Season 11 spoilers, there is no longer “hope” in Hope Valley. Some fans are upset with showrunner Lindsay Sturman. This was brought up on Reddit. The thread is titled: “Showrunner destroys hope!”

The original poster claimed that the showrunner ruined the beloved show. Some hearties have been disappointed with Season 11.

They argue the show now has a “lackluster plot” that ruined some of the most well-established characters.

“Her focus seems to be more on gaining attention than maintaining the quality of the series. Despite considerable fan dissatisfaction, she continues to discuss her plans without regard for audience feedback, appearing proud of the controversial changes she has implemented,” the original poster continued.

Despite the backlash, Hallmark Media continues to work with her. When Calls the Heart fans wish they would fire her for someone else.

The show has been at risk of cancellation because of the “inconsistent writing.” The showrunner also ruined the possibility of Jack Thornton’s (Daniel Lissing) return. Some fans are still reeling over that.

When Calls the Heart – No More Hope in Hope Valley

The showrunner’s narrative destroyed some of the actors’ reputations. Hearties are no longer engaged with the characters.

The original poster also argued that Lindsay Sturman’s statements left them feeling cold inside. They’re begging Hallmark Media to end her leadership position.

According to the When Calls the Heart Season 12 spoilers, fans are hoping for a wedding with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), but that was ruined.

Additionally, the OP added that the writing for Elizabeth’s character has been “self-serving and disrespectful” to her development. Fans took to the Reddit thread to share their thoughts.

“To be fair, this could also have been said about the show after the season where Elizabeth and Lucas go together at the end,” one fan wrote.

“I am not sure what you are talking about. Season 11 was the #1 most-watched TV show on cable every Sunday,” another user argued.

Most hearties feel this statement didn’t reflect the entire fanbase. Several writers have been on board since Season 1 or Season 2. Most are satisfied with the direction it’s headed.

However, some have been bored with Elizabeth and Nathan Grant’s (Kevin McGarry) romance. They argued that their romance ironically removed the “heart” of the show.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that the showrunner ruined the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Patricia Ivey says

    I quit watching. If Elizabeth had chosen Nathan, that was okay. She chose Lucas and his relationship with Little Jack was so sweet. Then it was over.

    1. Gena says

      We don’t watch anymore! Lucas was so perfect for her. Everyone else in the show has been left behind.
      Also, for a family show Elizabeth is showing her breasts to anyone who will look! Come on…..I don’t think women dressed in this manor. Elizabeth isn’t even that likeable anymore.

      1. Petra says

        I so agree. Elizabeth and Nathan are childish and boring. They are not a good fit at all. I adored her with Lucas. They were perfect together. I still watch but only for Lucas and the other characters

    2. K. McNeal says

      I was a TL fan from the start, but I would have accepted N if the writer would have made him more mature and responsible and honorable.They did not paint him a good light.He was silly and immature and needy.He could have been in a cute relationship with someone like faith but he just was never as mature enought for E.We wanted her to have someone to take care of her and support her dreams but with N, she has to be the one taking care of a weak male. When she chose L then we watched a good clean love story between a man and a woman and her child. Then in the blink of a lie, they tried to make us beieve that there was never love and that E with the weak mounty was right. NOw the story is not focused. The story line is flaky and unreal.The main character dont behave the way they did for 10 seasons. E character has been deviled. She is seen as a woman lusting after a man who stalked her and bullied her. She wears low cut dreses that show her boobs, she no longer behaves as a respectful teacher but as a woman with questionable moral on the make. She makes all the moves , not N. The whole concept changes from episode to episode, not making sense. No hope left in HV. Now the show is more like a soap opera than a feel good series with family values.

    3. Ratanyia Page says

      Stevie Wonder can see that LS has ruined the heart and soul of WTCH. This retcon has turned Elizabeth into a fickle tart that is self serving in that she supposedly chose Lucas out of fear because she couldn’t stand being alone but secretly pined for the unadventurous Mountie Lucas set her free in S8 so that she could find her true love. She didn’t have to choose at all. Lucas was the safe choice?? Oh but you can embrace the “safe choice”, you can say to the “safe choice” that you feel more for him than you realized, you can tell the “safe choice” I love you even whispers it while he’s sleeping, you can tell the “safe choice” that even if he lost everything he would still have your love, you get worried and upset that the “safe choice” didn’t propose on your birthday, you worried that the “safe choice” was changing his mind about the two of y’all, you can share passionate kisses with the “safe choice” and not really love him AND you can let the “safe choice” bond with your son only to rip the relationship away from both of them after you suddenly get over your so-called fear Then you are a cold-blooded woman with no heart to do someone like that. The real problem is that the natural storyline that was formed and established in S6,7,8 and S9 has been erased along with the first few episodes of S10. If what they want us to believe is that Elizabeth really didn’t love Lucas and she chose him out of fear, then she deserves no respect because she used him to get over her fear then broke his heart to be with the replacement Mountie and that is all the way wrong I blame BB for hiring someone who cared nothing about keeping the integrity of the show in tact.

      1. Aloysius V says

        Sorry but it was always supposed to be Elizabeth and Nathan. If the Retcon happened in Season 10 then why in Season 8 episode 9 a blindfolded Elizabeth chose Nathan as the man she would end up with. Lucas has a great storyline now. Wish everyone could just enjoy this family show.

  2. Diama says

    I don’t agree at all. My kids and I have loved WCTH since the beginning and I feel season 11 was the best yet. We can’t wait for season 12!
    I am not a “Team So-and-so” person who “ships” one pair or another (I think the so-called fans who threaten to stop watching if the one relationship they root for doesn’t pan out are immature and are missing the relevance of all the other storylines going on), but my 2 cents? I think they did a good job with the slow-burn, best-friends-to-deep-love dynamic with Elizabeth and Nathan. When he first came to Hope Valley it was clear that even with her conflicted feelings Elizabeth just wasn’t ready for him yet. I am thrilled they have finally made their way to each other because the triangle got dragged out way too long, it got so tortuous it was hard to feel invested in any of them. Now, I have hope that E & N and their hopefully-soon-to-be-blended family are solid enough that whatever comes up they will get through it, together. I love Lucas as a character but their romance never felt emotionally real to me. (Him with Jeanette? Fire! Yes yes I know she’s been devious but her character continues to intrigue me…she made some hardcore mistakes obviously but at her heart was a fierce and independent woman trying to make it in a man’s world). Anyway I would love to see how Lucas forges ahead through the scandal, and hoping maybe he and Faith have a chance to explore a relationship. If they have a storyline together and get to know each other, what a cute power couple they could make! Anyway, I say “Bravo!” to the show runners, writers, actors, and everybody else involved. We still miss certain characters of course (ahem Carson) and life goes on fine without others, but understand when they have to be written off for whatever reason.
    Hearties for life! 😉

    1. K. McNeal says

      Guess it takes all of us to have a different perspective. I saw nothng between L and Jeanette.She wanted it to be more but he obviously didnt.He was kind and protective to her because he is a gentleman and was taught to treat women that way. Im probably alot older than you and I have studied literature from all decades. I have read many romance fiction and non fiction. I had classes and studied romances thru the ages. What we saw with E and L was love. E evolved from a woman with issues over her husbands death to be a strong mother and teacher while with L.She realized her dreams and L supported and encouraged her dreams. He loved her and her son more than he loved himself.He only wanted her to be happy. He ran for Gov because she begged hm to, saying that she would be by his side , supporting him alway. N has no ideas what E dreams are and could care less.He is all about his needs.He needs someone to take care of him and ally. He feels entitiled because he is a mounty. He feels guilty over Jack and thinks if he can get E to be his, it will purge that guilt He is immature soically and romantically. He has no loyalty or ties to HV , unlike L who loves HV and wants it to be his home.N is too selfish to want to bond with LJ.He tolerates LJ to impress E. The whole E/N thing looks forced .It looks like a junior high play where the kids arent really old enough to know how to represent lovers Put the scenes with E and N up beside the scenes with L and E and you can see the love, the chemisry the committment with E and L.This whole story line is making N look like a fool and E to be just a fickley woman who cant stand to be without a man. Romance isnt just a man in the mounty uniform.Its the character, respect , affection, and selless sommittemet.That is L not N.

      1. Petra says

        You speak the Truth. I feel the exact same way

    2. Teresa says

      I agree with you! I feel the relationship between Lucas and Elizabeth was lust only- I feel she loved him but was not in love with him- like she said to Nathan. I love the fact that they are good friends first, then move on to a relationship. I feel Lucas just provided grand gestures to her to actually “win” her. I LOVED season11!! I can’t wait for Season 12!

  3. Jennifer says

    I think the show has the potential to have a longer life than is being expected. Elizabeth. And Nathan need to marry and develop those characters as a married couple. There are some amazing characters who deserve to be expanded so that this family show can remain interesting. I love conflict. I also love action and intrigue. This season was way too.short to explain what’s happening with characters. Then….they get married!!! No problem with their marriage..
    Just need to tie up some storyline and then allow others to blossom.

  4. Carrie says

    Lucas brought passion to Elizabeth, just like Jack did. She needed that. Changing story and bringing in ho hum Nathan, just ruined her wholesomeness we admired I haven’t watched in several episodes.

    1. Teresa says

      To me it seemes as though she had lost her sweet wholesomeness when she started flirting around with Lucas. She became a different person then- no longer that sweet woman we knew and loved when she first came to Hope ( Coal) Valley.

  5. Debbie says

    I would rather have seen Lucas and Elizabeth stay together. Their courtship was so sweet and now Elizabeth just looks fickle, going back to Nathan. Elizabeth had her chance with a Mountie, and it didn’t go well. It all kinda cheapens Elizabeth’s character. Deep down, I am hoping they bring back Jack. Maybe they misidentified his body…..amnesia perhaps.

  6. Vicki says

    I loved Season 11 of the show. I like Elizabeth with Nathan. I hope they keep them together.

    1. Sandy says


    2. Vicki says

      J agree. I quit watching when they paired Elizabeth up with Lucas. Didn’t care for Lucas at all. Love Elizabeth and Narhan

  7. Gloria says

    I love the show and I am excited to see what direction Nathan and Elizabeth go! I for one am hoping marriage and children. I’m didn’t feel Lucas and Elizabeth were a great match. Love Nathan and I sure don’t want Jack back.

  8. Aloysius V says

    I’m sorry to say but some of the facts in this article are incorrect. Season 6 introduced two potential suitors for Elizabeth. The emotional pairing was originally with Nathan and Elizabeth bonding and Lucas as the rich saloon owner vying for her too but with elaborate gifts. Season 9 Elizabeth got engaged to Lucas. Season 10 she broke it off, because she realized she was in love with Nathan but had been denying it due to fear. If you follow the whole show it was always Nathan who had her heart. Lindsay got the show back on track. Chris McNally (Lucas) fans were upset and are trying to flood the internet with nasty accusations and untruthful remarks. Chris is a great actor and has spoken out against this dividing of the show’s fans. Many are appalled at some of the hateful statements made about this family driven show. Sensational journalism like this just fuel the fire and promote negativity for a show that devotes itself to uplifting stories.

    1. Elaine says

      Where on the internet are team Lucas fans flooding sites with negative comments? I sure haven’t seen any. There is a Facebook site WCTH Lucas Bouchard. Great discussions.

      1. Aloysius V says

        They post on X or Twitter, Instagram, some even go on the When Calls The Heart Facebook page and say “I don’t watch this show anymore because of…..”. If they don’t watch it anymore why keep posting about it on their website?

    2. Teresa says

      I agree that Nathan and Elizabeth are the better choice as a couple! It has always been Nathan in her heart! Lucas is flashy and to much excitement for Elizabeth, she needs slow and steady, like Nathan.

  9. Marsha says

    I love WCTH. The last episode was amazing. I myself was not happy about the Elizabeth and Lucas story line. Team Nathan fans spent months listening to Team Lucas fans glote about Elizabeth choosing Lucas. Now the tables are turned and they are on our end of the disappointment and they don’t like it. Of course they are going to say horrible things. I’m here to say the show is fantastic. I’m thrilled to death they put Nathan and Elizabeth together. And the reast of the story line is amazing

    1. Elaine says

      Team Lucas fans did not gloat! Where did you get this? There is a Facebook group WCTH Lucas Bouchard. Great discussions.

  10. Lindal says

    Not sure I’ll watch next season. Hate Elizabeth with Nathan. Despite their differences Elizabeth and Lucas worked.

  11. Betty says

    I am not a Chris McNally fan on this show. His violent temperament, which surfaced in a very dramatic way in Season 10, made me very angry. Season 11 returned the show to romance and hope except for the last episode. I am not a fan of upsetting cliffhangers for shock and ratings value. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened. Keep it
    up and viewers like me will turn it off.

  12. Teresa Cervantes says

    My husband and I have been watching since day 1 of this show and have loved it until this new showrunner came and destroyed it my husband was neither Team Lucas or Team Nathan and when season 10 started we watched it and he new something had changed he said this show makes no sense from past seasons then I told him they changed show runners and he said she needs to be fired he said the stories are disconnected and now very boring! The characters have all changed this once beautiful show has been destroyed. We will no longer be watching unless it gets fixed!

  13. After watching since the inception of the show, I agree. It has nothing to do with “who” she chooses, but that she did choose and allowed her young son to attach to the man she chose. An epic bridge scene, followed by starting to develop a family life with the man she chose and then a very abrupt reversal. Never a thought or mention of the effect on her young son. Perhaps in 2024 that occurs more often, but not in the era the show is set. I won’t be watching anymore as it’s become like every other show that starts to become desperate for plot lines after season 10 and becomes less plausible and enjoyable.

  14. Kazzy Zeke's says

    Poppy cock. I love Nathan and Elizabeth. What ruined the show was the constant back and forth between the men. We don’t want a soap opera. We fans want a love story.
    Elizabeth clearly went with Lucas because he was the safe choice.
    She was afraid of living another mountie.

    Leave Nathan and Elizabeth together. Stop flip flopping her from man to man. That is a soap opera tatic
    And you know very well it puts the fans against one another. That doesn’t unite the fan base, it destroys the fan base.

    I’ll say it again, we want a love story, not a soap opera. I’ll continue watching if you don’t flipflop Elizabeth again.

  15. Kazzy Zeke's says

    Poppy cock. I love Nathan and Elizabeth. What ruined the show was the constant back and forth between the men. We don’t want a soap opera. We fans want a love story.
    Elizabeth clearly went with Lucas because he was the safe choice.
    She was afraid of loving another mountie.

    Leave Nathan and Elizabeth together. Stop flip flopping her from man to man. That is a soap opera tatic
    And you know very well it puts the fans against one another. That doesn’t unite the fan base, it destroys the fan base.

    I’ll say it again, we want a love story, not a soap opera. I’ll continue watching if you don’t flipflop Elizabeth again.

  16. ANGELA LAVELL says

    I disagree! Elizabeth and Nathan is wonderful. Lucas and Elizabeth didn’t have the same love language. He had big ideas and lavish gifts. Elizabeth loves Hope Valley and is happier with matters of the heart over matters of wealth. She had that growing up and left that life for a simpler, more meaningful life. This sounds like a Team Lucas vs. Team Nathan issue. I like where the show is moving. Jack died and he is gone. Bring back Abigail and Fiona.

  17. Connie says

    Quit watching when they had Elizabeth breakup with Lucas.

  18. Kitties Mom says

    I agree! Change out this show runner. She is ruining the show. I started seeing a change in Elizabeth’s character back when she couldn’t decide which man she wanted to be with. She was like a teenage girl who enjoyed having 2 handsome men vying for her attention. It wasn’t until she thought that Lucas might leave Hope Valley she decided on him. Then for a flimsy reason she breaks his heart to run back to Nathan with whom she has zero chemistry. She doesn’t deserve either man. They are too good for her. Move on boys it’s time to find someone worth of your love and Ms Thorton… Grow up!

  19. Evelyn says

    I can’t say anything about season 11 as I have stopped watching after the breakup of Lucas and Elizabeth..too many changes on thos shop..first Jack was killed off..then Lucas ( who is best guy for Elizabeth) is out of her life..I like Nathan..but Loved Lucas and don’t want to get use to another guy!! I do really love and miss Lee and Rosemary though!! Wish the Best for this show!! It Was Good!! And I have seasons 9 and 10 to remind me of how good it was!!

  20. Vicki says

    I quit watching the show after Lori Laughlin left. And I was hoping Daniel Lissing would return. That’s what held the show together and why I watched.

  21. Ms. Bobbie says

    I didn’t watch WCTH this last season; actually didn’t finish Season 10 because of break up of Lucas and Elizabeth. It was hard to imagine how in love with Lucas she was and near the end of the season all of a sudden she was in love with Nathan. It was the same type of disappointment I felt when Jack died. But I have it another shot. From reading this article, I’m glad I didn’t.

  22. BETTY POOLE says

    I did not trust Lucas from the beginning. He seems to rude the fence of legal & slightly shady dealings. I want Elizabeth to Mary Nathan, but good grief DON’T drag it out like they did before.
    And let the focus move a little more to the up an coming younger generation on the show. Nathan’s niece is growing up.
    Mix it up to highlight the older & younger generation. Make it more about the whole makeup of Hope Valley.

  23. Barry Bartley says

    I love the show and will continue to be a fan. No matter what the writers do or not do you will never please every fan. I love the relationship between Elizabeth and Nathan.

  24. Robin says

    I think they went the wrong direction with Elizabeth & Nathan. The show had such good chemistry with Elizabeth & Lucas. It was like a few people didn’t like that plot so they changed the whole direction of the show. I think for a family based show they’ve turned a lot of people off!

  25. Carole says

    I’ve been watching from the beginning and I think it keeps getting better each season. Keep it going!

  26. Rose says

    Totally do not want to see the show with the way its heading. Don’t like Elizabeth and Nathan pairing. Boring. Would have been better to have Lucas and Elizabeth stay together and work toward growing Hope Valley. Much more interesting pair. Won’t be looking forward to future ho hum show.

  27. Elyssa says

    This is absurd. Season 11 was the best season that the show has had. People don’t watch television for a lack of drama. They watch it for the drama. This series has significantly lacked a lot of things up until season 11. The relationship between Elizabeth and Nathan is what has me coming back for more with each episode. The writers have done a fantastic job with their storyline. Has it been a bit drawn out? Sure. But gosh it was SO worth the wait and build up. I didn’t watch the show at all prior to Nathan arriving.

  28. Mary says

    I’ve watched the show Since the beginning. I’ve always wanted Elizabeth and Nathan to get together and never thought their relationship between Elizabeth and. Lucas was believable. I found it to be very boring. Lucas seem to be pretending to be someone he wasn’t.

  29. Mary says

    Sorry for the voice texting mistakes!

  30. Jualne says

    If she would have chosen N from the beginning it would have been ok, it would have been still terrible if she did the same to N, this is not how one treats another…what ruined the show was the writing, the wishy washy person they turned Elizabeth into. Begging a man to propose just do dump him with 0 regret and emotions is never ok. This show was wholesome and had integrity and thought people morals and values. And now these are gone. A man lusting after another ones women is not ok, especially for someone claiming it’s a Christian show. Yet they portray that as normal, lying I now all of a sudden praised and the liar is called honest? Yes omiting the truth is still lying. Emotional cheating as now also fine? The acting like u never hurt the other, no apologies made. And acting as if it’s the guy that broke it off? Idc carr if it’s N or L. It’s just not OK! And there was no cohesiveness at all it’s all over the place…and then being told we’ll in real live it’s also not all happy ends. We’ll if I want real life I will watch the news not a show

  31. BabyBoomer says

    With the way the writing is presently going, the storylines may go any-which-a-way to satisfy those four team-Mountie-at-any-cost women that run the biased “official” group of Hearties who seem to have all the power.
    Shoot, they may decide to push for Ghost Jack to return and give the Ghost Jack (Daniel Lissing) fans another turn with Elizabeth. Then, there may be some Billy Hamilton (Andrew Walker) fans and Charles Kensington III (Marcus Rosner) fans that want a turn also. This list can grow and go on forever guaranteeing the longevity of WCTH with endless stories to tell.
    Erin Krakow stated in the ET interview with Diedra that it was time to give the Kevin McGarry fans -yes, she called the actor by name, not the character, Mountie Nathan – their turn. In the most recent NYC interview, Kevin McGarry stated that the majority of WCTH fans of the show were happy with the pairing of Elizabeth with Nathan.
    Just imagine how many more stories can be told with everybody getting a turn with Elizabeth. With all the switching up, BB may get his wish that the story will go on for thirty-five seasons like “The Simpsons.”
    In the thirty-fifth season, WCTH can center around stories of love in Hope Valley’s Senior Citizens Center. Of course, the old folk’s Home will have been set up and donated by none other than Governor Lucas Bouchard. Now that will be something to sit up at night and ponder over. I can just imagine all of Elizabeth’s suitors living under one roof together with Robert Wolf and Allie Grant running the old folk’s home and taking care of all the seniors.

    1. Tangy Page says

      Did Erin really say that?? Does she not know that by switching to Nathan, it makes E’s character lose credibility and integrity? All the things that she said to LB that made him believe she really loved him as much as he loved her They’ve turned E into a wishy-washy, weak woman who used a man that only wanted her happiness. That’s why LB let her go in the first place so that she could make the right decision! Which she did until they retconned everything…

  32. Sandy says

    I have a feeling Jack didn’t die, and he’s coming back.
    Due to what the rcmp said to Elizabeth just before the last episode ended season 11.

  33. Cathy Satterfield says

    Of course, Lindsay Sturman ruined when calls the heart! If they had had Elizabeth Choose nathan from the beginning There would not have been a problem. It’s the hateful way they went about it. Brian Byrd actually Callled Lucas fans dribs and drabs! Erin krakow was just as rude. Then, after ruining a perfect romance that we invested so much time and money in, they added insult to injury by defaming Lucas‘s character. I guess they were trying to make nathan look better by making Lucas look bad. Hello… If you have to do that to sell the new romance it might not be such a good idea! Where we previously admired Elizabeth for being strong, independent and kind we now despise her character that has turned into a nosy, selfish brat .Yes, half the fanbase has quit watching the show and there are some of us who refuse to even watch anything that ek is in Or anything that Brian Bird has touched. I can’t believe that the Hallmark Channel has allowed this kind of nonsense to go on. It’s supposed to be a faith based network. NoW it’s just a soap Opera the main character umping from man to Man!

    1. K. McNeal says

      You said it perfectly.Not bad enough that they fipped the story and destroyed the love story but now they act like we are stupid and wil believe that E always loved N and this is the way it should be. E and N dont have any chemistry. E actually looks like the older woman seducing the younger ineperience guy. But the worse part is that BB called us names and said fans arent important and he doesnt care what the fans want to see. He flaunts his faith and says this is faith based.Well it was initially but when you start celebrating infidelity and dishonesty and selfishness and bullying and disrespect , you are not presenting faith based entertainment. Ive been around a long time and that is the first time Ive ever heard someone assoc. with a show say that fans arent important. And Erins giggly remarks that its N turn are really offensive.In love you dont take turns. A woman who takes turns with guys isnt very respectful.And of course it also brngs into question that Erin instrumented the change. Kevin said that when he joined the series he thought that N was going to get E. and he was disapointed that E chose L. So maybe Erin made sure that N did get E to make Kevin happy? Erin also made disrepectful remarks about the fans.

  34. Patricia Gagne says

    The show isn’t destroyed. You basically ignored all the positive comments about the show (and there are a lot) and focused on a few disgruntled Lucas fans. Maybe next time try to write something positive? There’s still plenty of hope in Hope Vally.

    1. K. McNeal says

      more than a few disgruntled fans if you do your homework. And its not just that we were promised that E and L would be the endgame and their love story would spark many more stories, but its the blantant disrespect that Erin , Kevin ,BB have shown the fans. THey laugh at us and say ha ha got you last. take a good look at all the seasons and then say that you think that N and E are good together. No chemistry at all.All their moves seem forced and in fact it looks like E is the experienced woman putting the move on the inexperiecned man. There is not Hope in HV not even for E and N. She used the excuse that she didnt want to move .Well who put that idea in her head.Bully Nathan. And as the widow of a mounty, she knows that at any time, N could get transferred and she will either have to move or dump him and find another guy to seduce.

  35. Daisy says

    Absolutely ruined the show! Why take a wonderful romance (Elizabeth and Lucas) and destroy it for no reason at all. Then, Elizabeth jumps right into a relationship with boring Nathan. Besides making no sense, it would never have happened in that era. I went into season 11 with an open mind. I watched every episode (because I was curious). It was terrible torture. It was not even good at all. The best episode was the one where they caught Shaw/Jeanette. I have no idea why John Tinker is no longer there. He created such a wonderful romance between Lucas and Elizabeth. He should have been around to continue it.

  36. Judy says

    The ratings are falling since the highs of season 8 and 9 when Lucas and Elizabeth were a couple. I predict they will continue to fall as more and more Lucas fans drop out. They really shot themselves in the foot with the big change. Nathan is goofy and boring and Lucas was the exact opposite. Ratings don’t lie…

    1. K. McNeal says

      Im not sure about the ratings.There seems to be alot of difference in opinoon . I do believe that if the TL fans stopped watching the ratings would drop out of sight. Right now , TL is watching out of loyality to L and because we want to see what he does. BB says the ratings are fantastic but some say that the numbers are askewed. Many of my friends are actually TN and they didnt like season 11. They felt that it made N look so weak and immature and needy.They aready didnt like that in season 10 he stalked E and then bullied her to influence her that she was dishonoring Jacks memory by marrying L and ;moving. E gives the impression that she is very experience in intimate moves and she puts the moves on inexperienced N making him look like a fool. They wanted N to have a romance but not with E.They felt he would get more attention with someone else but with he is jus second fiddle. They say real romance/love between L and E. They feel that this switch has ruined N .

  37. CJ says

    Very disappointing that Elizabeth now goes from relationship to relationship. The show is more like a soap opera and who needs that. I stopped watching after season 10. They need writers with integrity. This show could be today’s equal of a quality show like Little House on the Prairie or the Walton’s, but those days seem to be past.

  38. Allie says

    Elizabeth and Nathan have absolutely nothing in common. One of her reasons are breaking up with Lucas was that she did not want to leave Hope Valley. Everyone knows that Mounties are often reassigned so that was a ludicrous argument.

    Lucas and Elizabeth have so much in common. He built the library, he got her first book published. They enjoyed concerts and theater and many cultural activities together. They were an exciting couple. And little Jack adored Lucas.

    Elizabeth and Nathan are boring, boring, boring. They have absolutely nothing in common. They should just be friends.

    1. K. McNeal says

      And the part of LJ has just been wasted. He was seen for approximately 30 mins for the entire season `11. He had an integral part with E and L. Lucas loved him too and spent so much quality time with him.He babysat LJ and took him for icecream and read to him and got down in the dirt to play with him. He was a good example for a honest, respectful , gentleman and talked to him about taking care of ladies. N has walked around the circle 3 times whle LJ rode his pony. He gave him ;money to buy a candy apple but that was bribe money to get him to leave so N and E could be alone. N is never with LJ unless E is there too, No bonding or affection at all. He tolerated LJ to impress E and makes sure that Allie is around so E and him can be alone and Ally wll take care of LJ. The little boy is so cute and talented and viewers loved the part he played when E was with L.

  39. Melissa says

    Loved this season!!! The best season ever. The writers were the best this season. Results show the success of the writing for season 11. Not the minority who didn’t get Lucas and can’t get over it yet. The viewership was astronomical. It would have tanked if it was bad. But it over exceeded the bad they wished for the show. Your article is based on the few not the “Many.” Now write an article based on results on viewership and the many fans that loved season 11.

  40. Sharon says

    Lindsey Sterman said she ‘binge watched’ WCTH when she first came to the show. Apparently, she didn’t watch & appreciate the beautiful love story the writer’s wrote for Elizabeth, Lucas & Little Jack. My problem is the abruptness of Elizabeth & Lucas’ breakup. Maybe if they had ‘shown’ problems arising between Elizabeth & Lucas it would have been more believable. Also, Nathan talked with Lucas & accepted that Lucas had Elizabeth’s heart. Originally, Lucas was the more easy going man, people of HV loved & respected him. Nathan was quick tempered (yelled at Elizabeth), very negative & not very friendly to the people of HV. But all of a sudden, Lucas’ character is tarnished. Sorry, but there were too many quick & unbelievable changes made that have ruined the show. Elizabeth’s character is no longer likeable. She’s selfish, rude, untrustworthy & childish. There’s absolutely NO chemistry between her & Nathan which results in a VERY boring relationship. They had Elizabeth talk with Little Jack about her spending more time with Nathan…of course he’d be ok with that, Mountie Nathan is their ‘friend’, but she’s never talked with him about WHY buddy (Lucas) is no longer around, especially after he helped Lucas with his mom’s wedding proposal. Besides being disappointed with Elizabeth’s storyline, more time is needed for storylines of other HV residents. At this point, I don’t plan on watching WCTH any further. It’s no longer a calming, enjoyable Christian show for a grandma. If I wanted to watch the ridiculous storylines that Lindsey Sterman seems to be going in, I’d tune into daytime Soaps.

  41. Anne says

    The show went downhill after Lori Laughlin was kicked off and I have not liked it since. The writing is horrible and sloppy. I can’t stand having false family members pop up that NEVER existed like Lee’s sister and niece and Gowens son.
    (Having a gay actress play a character in the show also angered me)
    Then older characters like Elizabeth’s sisters and Jacks brother disappeared for too long. Jack’s mother disappeared all together.
    The race diversity is pushed, it’s wrong for the time era.
    Mike and Mei are not a good couple.
    I miss Jesse and Clara.
    Im tired of the town being run by girlbosses like Faith and Fiona.
    I can’t stand Elizabeth, she’s a girlboss and a flirty one at that. I was team Nathan and was angry when she first chose Lucas. However I feel sorry for team Lucas because they have been cheated by the poor writing of this show and didn’t deserve what they got.
    Jack cannot come back, people will just have to get over that.
    I also cannot stand the falsely dressed town. Too many fake plants and flowers for a pioneer town. Same thing with the people. Incorrect clothing and hairstyles.

  42. Debrs says

    Season 11 disappointment. Characters are too modern for then time period. Bored with Nathan and Elizabeth. More excitement and heart with Lucas.

    1. Tangy Page says

      I agree! And they’re recycling scenarios with E&N that have already been done with E&L cause there’s no creativity with this romance. There are two videos on YouTube called Parallels showing the similarities of Jack and Lucas. I don’t believe the original showrunner wanted to go the same route of another Mountie/Teacher story after Jack’s death because it would be redundant and trite. LB brought a sense of excitement and sweet romance to E’s world which she needed. She wasn’t ready to let go of her pain and love again until LB came along. He was patient with her, never pushed for things and let her dictate the speed of their relationship. He helped her to open her heart and breathe again. He challenged her to be the best in her writing, was encouraging and supportive, put her feelings and needs first and prioritized her son. Everything he did was with her and LJ in mind, including running for Governor. He did that to save the town she loved so much. He gave up his comfort to save HV only to lose everything he held dear to his heart which was E and LJ. Now she’s with the humdrum, needy Mountie who basically emo-abused her and made her feel guilty for loving someone else

  43. Sherri says

    I absolutely enjoyed WCTH up to season 11. I had started telling my friends about the the show and they started watching because the relationship between Lucas and Elizabeth. And then season 11 they decided to just end the relationship between the two!! I was very disappointed! I am also having a hard time seeing the chemistry between Elizabeth and Nathan. However, after six seasons of flirting and dating, if it would have been with Nathan and Elizabeth. I would have been okay with the two. But it was Lucas and Elizabeth and at the end Elizabeth chose to be with Lucas.
    I am one of the long time viewers that decided not to watch season 12 WCTH anymore.

  44. Chelsea says

    I only agree with the Lucas fans. I have a lot of opinions against the series since season 10 and felt that it has destroyed the series. Chris’ character is being portrayed negatively and they are trying to make this new romance seem like it is a better fit. I loved the beautiful romance that Elizabeth and Lucas had despite what those who don’t agree have to say. I don’t see the chemistry in the new romance in season 11. Every time I see Elizabeth with that mountie I skip the scenes and its harder to watch seeing them kissing and holding hands. Sorry but Jack is way better than Nathan. Lucas actually portrays Jack until they want to make him look bad. Nathan has always been immature, selfish, and etc. I see more negative points than good. Season 10 was very toxic to watch. The way Elizabeth and Nathan acted was a lot of toxic scenes in how they treated Lucas. I felt the same about the rest of the characters not supporting him to be governor was the worst thing. I find the writing to be awful from season 10 onward. There are many Lucas fans on certain channels who agree that the writing isn’t good. They are not happy and don’t want to watch anymore. There are others who only watch to continue watching because they love Lucas. Elizabeth has lost her importance in their eyes and she has become a character that we no longer appreciate. I felt that she really lowered herself. She used to be very honest, modest, godly, and woman of faith. Now, she has turned away from these characteristics. She also doesn’t have respect or apology for what she did. She is afraid to lose Lucas as a friend and scared also of not having another man to love her. Very childish writing. She is immature, selfish, disrespectful, and dishonest. She is no longer loyal. She tells Lucas that she is going with somebody else to Mike and Mei’s wedding. That is a slap in Lucas’ face. She never felt guilty for breaking up with him and for not telling the children honestly that Lucas didn’t make the decision to cancel the wedding, so they believed in a lie. She changed her look just to attract that mountie too. There is a lot more negative points that can be said, but I am not going to take the time to write them out. I think they should fire the show runner and hire another one.

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