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Kim Kardashian Fans Caught Her LYING About Her Age

Kardashian fans are always on alert in case any of the family members slip up by insinuating what is untrue to the public in any way. They recently caught the “SKIMS” founder Kim Kardashian seemingly telling a lie about her age range.

In her recent post which she made on her Instagram story, she re-shared a question about millennials. The post read: “Millennials tell me when your childhood trauma started, I’ll go first,” she went on to share her own answer, “It whispers so listen carefully.”

Fans were quick to call her out for claiming to belong in the same group as “Millennials” when she belonged with the Generation X group. For clarity purposes, Generation X are people born from 1965 to 1980, while Millennials are people born from 1981 to 1996. The next set is Generation Z and they’re people born from 1997 to this present year.

The thing is, the 43-year-old was born on October 21, 1980, which makes her a Generation X person. Posting something about the Millennials is one thing, but going on to contribute to it is something the fans who know her will not allow.

Kim Kardashian Fans Caught Her LYING About Her Age

Kim Kardashian — How Fans Reacted To Kim’s Post

A fan took a screenshot of the post and attached her birthday date which came before the Millennials, and wrote alongside both shots, “Another example of Kim trying to hold onto her youth.” Someone took the comments section to attack the beauty mogul by commenting, “Unfiltered she looks OLDER than Gen X, and has the outdated mentality of some boomers to match.”

Someone else mocked, “Sweetheart you are NOT a millennial,” and a third said, “I’m a millennial and I’m gonna be 32 cries this year. Kimothee. You are not a millennial boo boo,” A fourth screamed, “Ahhhh people know you’re 42 Kim! Nice try though we don’t want you sorry.”

This backlash comes a few days after fans slammed Kim for trying to look like her 26-year-old sister Kylie Jenner. Kim shared some snaps to promote her makeup and skincare brand SKNN and in most of the photos she appeared to look like someone in her 20s instead of 40s.

At first, some couldn’t differentiate her from Kylie and asked, “Is this Kim or Kylie? She looks sooooo young here.” However, someone took notice of Kim’s hands and pointed it out, “But not her hands lol she didn’t use a filter that part lol it’s a fail,” another said, “That last slide looks like Kylie but the hands do look strange now that u pointed it out.”

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