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Kim Kardashian Gets Slammed By Fans For Encouraging North West, To Be RUDE

Kardashian fans are not taking it lightly with Kim Kardashian on her poor parenting skills, to further buttress their point, a recent episode of “The Kardashians” which aired on Thursday gave them all the information they needed to nail Kim to the cross. They came to the conclusion that Kim “encourages” her first daughter North West to be rude without reprimanding.

The clip that brought about the brouhaha featured the SKIMS founder who took North with her to try on her Met Gala outfit at pearl-laden dress for the red carpet with Schiaparelli creative director Daniel Roseberry.

While checking out herself in the mirror, North took the liberty to vomit her distaste at her mom’s choice of outfit by calling the pearls adorned on the cloth “fake” and comparing them with something “from the Dollar Store.”

She proceeded to tell her mom that she looked like a “Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped.” At that juncture, Kim, 43, cut in and told the 10-year-old, “No, no, I think you’re wrong here. These are very expensive, real pearls. I think you need a lesson on pearls. We’re not going for flapper girl—we’re going for vintage, authentic pearly girly.”

Kim Kardashian Gets Slammed By Fans For Encouraging North West, To Be RUDE

Hearing how badly North berated his creation, Daniel bitterly said to the camera, “This is my worst nightmare come to life. It’s like I’m being Punk’d. The night before the Met, getting read for filth.”

Kim Kardashian — Did Kim Spare The Rod And Spoiled North?

After watching the clip, Kardashian fans and critics swung into action immediately and held Kim responsible for North’s lack of respect, a fan said, “I think it boils down to the fact North has zero respect for her mom. And that’s 100% Kim’s fault.”

Another fan took a screenshot of a post made on X (formerly Twitter) about how Kim condones rudeness from North, and shared it to a Kardashian internet forum while agreeing with the post and encouraging others to drop their two cents.

The post read, “Kim is allowing North to be rude so they can exploit her personality for entertainment purposes. In interviews, Kim defines herself as a strict mom, but in the show it’s completely different.” A critic took to the comments section and wrote, “I think they’re also counting on North being a hit among her generation and Gen Z through overexposing her, but that’s incredibly risky.”

Another wrote, “They have enough power and wealth to hide anything they want from anyone, the fact we’re seeing any of this is by their choice,” and a third added,

“I know they encourage her interests and let her take part in conversation, but she is not at the same level of knowledge and ability to articulate certain things because she is just a kid. They can encourage her and still parent. And now it’s all on camera, which will only come back to haunt her. Kim out of everyone should know that.”

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