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Kim Kardashian Slapped With Massive Legal Suit

A not-for-profit organization recently filed a legal suit against Kim Kardashian. The Judd Foundation, which is committed to preserving the late Donald Judd’s artistic legacy launched the lawsuit in a California federal court last week. The suit claims that a video Kim posted on YouTube highlighted fake versions of Judd’s work.

As per the filed suit, Ms. Kardashian was deceptive when she described the Judd “knockoff” chairs and tables made by LA-based interior designers Clement Designs, as Judd’s original furniture.

Kim Kardashian’s – False Endorsement

According to the suit, Clement Designs is being accused of copyright, and trademark infringement, false advertising, as well as unfair competition; the complaint also accuses Kardashian of false endorsement.

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Rainer Judd, Judd Foundation president, and the daughter of the late Donald Judd says in a statement that her father’s furniture is an “integral” part of his legacy and the inauthentic furniture, “undermined” the integrity of her dad’s “original work”.

More About The Lawsuit

The lawsuit notes that SKKN, Kim’s skincare company, turned to Clements Design to make chairs and tables for the organization’s offices, that mirror Judd’s work. During a 2022 tour of the company that was profiled in a YouTube video, Kardashian allegedly showcased the fake furniture.

At one point during the video, which was highlighted with screenshots in the complaint, Kardashian notes, “If you guys are furniture people—because I’ve really gotten into furniture lately—these Donald Judd tables are really amazing and totally blend in with the seats.”

While the video was linked to the lawsuit, it is currently inaccessible and set to “private”.

The lawsuit notes that a number of media outlets incorrectly reported on the video, which led to customers believing the furniture was sourced from the Judd Foundation and that Kim and her company were linked or endorsed by the Donald Judd brand.

As Kardashian and Clement Design refused to delete the video, provide correct advertising, or recycle the furniture, the foundation had “no choice” but to launch this lawsuit.

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Editorial credit: Asatur Yesayants /

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