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Kylie Jenner Shows Off New Lip Fillers, Fans Pout

Fans think Kylie Jenner unveiled her new lips. They’re not happy with her latest crop of selfies. They called out an “atrocious” detail with her photos. On Friday, May 10, Kylie was called out for her new look. Keep on reading to learn more.

Kylie Jenner – Puckers Up In New Photos

The Hulu star posted a series of selfies. The shots showed her pouting for the camera while wearing a black sports bra. Kylie Jenner snapped the shots as she was behind the wheel of her luxury vehicle. She showed off a little cleavage as she kept her seat belt on.

Kylie’s signature dark hair was styled in soft waves. She wore a face full of makeup with her lips significantly contoured. The reality star made sure the focus was on her pout. She captioned the shots: “hiiiiiiiiiiii.”

One fan reposted the photos on Reddit. Most of the users focused on Kylie Jenner’s lips. They believe that she’s been getting her lips done again. Kylie previously said that she quit getting lip fillers. She wanted to go back to her natural beauty.

“Did she get her lips done AGAIN or something wtf is happening,” one fan asked.

“Miss Jenner. Stop! Just stop it! You look like a damn duckbilled platypus!” another fan begged.

“Girl, those lips,” noted a third user. “What is with the dark line around her lips?” a fourth one asked.

Kylie Jenner confessed to getting lip fillers in the past. Back in late March, she posted a series of similar selfies. Fans at the time speculated that she got a “lip lift,” which could be why her lips look different.

@kyliejennerhoney eyes.♬ Angel – Kid Cudi

Hulu Star Unveils ‘Unreal’ Body

This weekend, Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner appeared in Las Vegas. The two bartended their signature drinks at Liv Beach.

Kendall wore a black strapless dress, while Kylie wore a red latex dress. The curve-hugging dress showed off her incredible body.

Fans took to the comment section of the Instagram post to react. Most believe that Kylie is the hotter sister. Others praised Kylie’s “unreal” body. She left fans stunned with her voluptuous look.

At the event, Kylie handed out her vodka drinks, while Kendall mixed drinks with her 818 Tequila brand.

“Wow! Kylie is hotter than Kendall now! Kendall must be sick of her taking the spotlight,” one fan wrote.

“Kylie pulled up and served! Kendall, you don’t hold the cup by the rim!” another user wrote.

Kylie Jenner has been accused of stealing the spotlight from her sisters before. It’s no secret that the sisters one-up each other. What are your thoughts on her new look? Do you think she got lip fillers again? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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