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Lindsay Lohan And Her Sister Are Bringing The Holiday Cheer To Our Screens This Christmas

Lindsay Lohan And Her Sister Are Bringing The Holiday Cheer To Our Screens This Christmas

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Aliana are set to feature in an upcoming Netflix Christmas movie. This will mark the sisters’ second Christmas collaboration after 2006’s “Lohan Holiday” album, where they sang together.

Lindsay Lohan – Shares Details About Her Sister’s Participation In Upcoming Christmas-themed Movie

Through the years, Lindsay and her sister Aliana have always embraced every opportunity to work together, and this upcoming holiday movie will get the sisters together on set once again.

Lindsay shared the good news on her “The Lowdown” podcast, where she revealed that Aliana, who is a model, actress and singer, recorded two tracks for Netflix’s “Falling For Christmas”. The holiday movie will be a romantic comedy with the “Mean Girls” star as the lead character and Aliana as the supporting character.

“You have such a powerful voice. I’m so excited for people to hear your song in Falling for Christmas, which is really exciting,” Lindsay, 36, said to her sister on the podcast.”Well, your songs. You did more than one in the movie, too.”

Aliana, 28, has been involved in a few of her sister’s jobs in the past, including appearing alongside her as a youth model for The Children’s Place and acting as an extra in the “Parent Trap”.

“I’ve loved singing since I was so young,” she told Lindsay before naming another musician she draws inspiration from. “Nina Simone. We have the same octave, so I always related to her soul.”

She then named her grandfather’s organ-playing skills and mother Dina’s past as a dancer as the reason she took such a deep interest in music. But mostly, it was watching her sister record her albums, including 2004’s “Speak” and 2005’s “A Little More Personal (Raw)”, that sparked the need to pursue music.

Lindsay, your voice is incredible,” said Aliana. “I grew up around you … recording in the Hamptons, always recording. I learned from you.”

Lindsay then gushed about what she loves about her sister’s singing style and lyrics: “Your voice is so inspiring, Aliana, in a different way. It’s so soulful and so deep, and your words, really — they’re peaceful. It’s so self-expressive in such a beautiful way, which is not an easy thing to do as an artist. I want people to hear more of that from you.”

Lindsay further notified fans that her sister won’t only be singing in the movie, but will be making a couple of appearances as well. I mean, a literal family cheer on our screens? Yes!

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