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Naomi Watts Requests That “Fantastic” Saoirse Ronan Play Her In A Biopic

Naomi Watts Requests That “Fantastic” Saoirse Ronan Play Her In A BiopicWow, it seems that these days, stars know exactly who they want to play them onscreen in any case there’s a biopic about their incredible lives.

In March this year, Dolly Parton endorsed Kristin Chenoweth as the actress she feels will do a great job playing a younger Dolly in a biopic. Kristin Chenoweth, in return, said that she’s ready to be Dolly whenever she’s called into action.

Before that, Avril Lavigne had already said that it’d be “dope” if Kristen Stewart played her in a biopic.

For Naomi Watts, a biopic about her life and achievements starring Saoirse Ronan as her onscreen self is the biopic of her dreams.

Naomi Watts – Says Saoirse Ronan Is “Fantastic In Everything She Does”

At Wednesday’s red carpet premiere of “The Watcher”, Naomi Watts talked about who she’d cast as herself if a movie was being done about her incredible life.

When PEOPLE asked “The Watcher” star who she’d want to play her in a future biopic, she was first taken aback by the question. At first she answered that she didn’t know, but on second thought, she named 28-year-old Saoirse Ronan as her ideal choice.

Even though it seemed like a moment’s consideration, Watts, 54, insisted that she named the “See How They Run” actress because “she’s fantastic in everything she does”.

She also had one request for whoever is cast to play her in the probable biopic, and that is that her character has got to be “fun” and “young”.

Naomi Watts – Multi Award Winning Actress

Despite being a multi-award winning actress, Ronan is yet to star in a biopic, even though she’s starred in many hit movies. Watts, on the other hand, had already starred in a biopic in 2013, where she portrayed the late British royal Princess Diana. The film was described as a compelling portrait of the Princess of Wales during the last two years of her life.

Another version of Princess Diana’s life, named “Spencer”, was released earlier this year and starred Kristen Stewart as the late Princess.

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