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North West Appears On Stage With Dad Kanye West Dressed In Bianca’s Style

Children are supposed to follow in their parents’ footsteps —and their step-parents. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s eldest child North Kardashian who is now making waves in the music industry after being one of the youngest artists to top the Billboard 100’s chart is not just following Kanye’s footsteps in the music industry, she has also emulated her stepmom Bianca Censori’s fashion sense.

Volume 1 of Kanye’s latest studio album “Vulture” which he collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign was released on February 10, 2024. One of the singles in the song titled “Talking/Once Again,” featured North, 10, as Miss Westie and she showed off her incredible talent in the music video where she sat on a chair and rapped the lyrics, “You don’t want no problems you just, I love it here we gonna take over the year for nothing, yeah. It’s your bestie, miss miss Westie…”

Recently, the 10-year-old joined her dad and Ty Dolla $ign on stage in Accor Arena, Paris, France where the three artists appeared in an all-black ensemble.

North West Appears On Stage With Dad Kanye West Dressed In Bianca's Style

While Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign wore black, full-face masks to complete their apparel, North donned on a thick fur leather hat with two flaps on both ears which is now known as Bianca’s signature style.

North West — On North And Bianca’s Closeness

Irrespective of the fact that Bianca is not her real mom, North has never hidden her admiration towards Bianca.

Bianca on the other hand has been building a good relationship with all of Kim’s children. Two weeks ago, Kim shared on TikTok North’s drawing of the things she’s grateful for.

In the drawing which was titled, “What three things are you grateful for today?” North noted that she’s grateful for her dad’s latest studio album “Vultures 1” and wrote down her rap rendition, and also drew a picture of her stepmom facing the wall completely naked and sporting a teeny tiny thong.

After a recent clip that was shared on TikTok featured Bianca and North talking at the Paris Listening Party for Vultures, with Bianca whispering into North’s ear and North looking all excited and grabbing Bianca’s hand, a body language expert Judi James told “The Mirror” exclusively that Bianca and North are super close to the extent that they look more like friends and fans of Kanye.

The expert told the outlet, “Bianca and North were filmed last June walking hand-in-hand and with their fingers entwined, hinting at a very close and warm relationship and their body language in this latest video seems to add to that impression. North and her step-mum look more like two young fans of dad Kanye as they stand watching him perform at his latest listening party.”

Speaking of the ‘Bianca fur hat,’ James said, “North has been known to copy her dad’s style at times but this trapper hat does seem like a nod to Bianca’s signature accessory, suggesting high levels of admiration from her step-daughter.” The body language expert also told the outlet that Bianca and North’s seamless closeness is because Kim is being mature with her parenting.

According to James, “Body language like this can often be a very positive reflection of the divorced parents’ attitude too. When any bitterness has been displayed about the new partner at home a child can often feel and look awkward and disloyal if they appear to enjoy the company of the new step-parent. But North just looks relaxed and happy with Bianca, which might reflect on some very mature behavior from her mother Kim behind the scenes.”

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