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Reason Kim Kardashian Put Her Law Dreams ON PAUSE Revealed

The “KUWTK” alum Kim Kardashian has been sharing details of her law career with her fans. From when she failed some of her law exams to when she passed her exam in 2021.

The mom of four has also shared with her followers how her passion for law stems from watching her late dad Robert Kardashian who was a lawyer before his demise.

Kim didn’t stop there, in the post which she wrote at the time to celebrate successfully passing the baby bar exam, she told her followers “I’m very passionate about Criminal Justice Reform and I want to advocate for those who I feel were wrongfully convicted.” Anyway, that was about three years ago.

Reason Kim Kardashian Put Her Law Dreams 'On Pause' Revealed

For some time now, the business mogul has not been sharing any updates regarding her law career, and an insider close to the reality TV star told “The U.S. Sun” that things are getting more hectic for Kim not just as a mother but also as a business person. According to the source, “Last year she slowly realized how tedious it was and how never-ending the study was.”

They continued, “She can’t drop it without looking bad, looking like she couldn’t pass it after all the work and all of her talk about how passionate she was about pushing for prison reform.

She really struggled with the study, hated having to do the outlines and essays required to even be at a competent level and it was going to take her a few years of study to pass the exams and a few likely fails. She did some midterm exams last year and they finished her off.”

Kim Kardashian — On Kim’s Businesses And Parenting

Kim’s “SKIMS” company was founded in March 2014 with Emma Grede. Six years down the line the company became a six billion dollar company. In 2022, the 43-year-old established an investment company known as “SKKY Partners.”

The insider went on to tell the outlet that the “SKKN By Kim” founder is currently fully booked with business and too busy to spare some time for her law career.

The source claimed, “She’s been too busy because her various business ventures have rocketed. Between the new PE SKKY partnership which is on a huge acquisition spree, and her own Skims businesses – they all need her right now.”

The source also shared that since Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West remarried, he hasn’t been much of a help to Kim thereby making Kim do 98 percent parenting of their four kids.

The source continued, “The biggest problem she has for not being able to progress to the bar exams or dedicate her time to study is Kanye. Because he is such an unreliable father at the moment, she can’t count on or rely on him. She can’t sacrifice time with her kids for it if he’s not doing his share of parenting.”

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