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Robert De Niro Gets Nasty With Trump Supporters

Robert De Niro Gets Nasty With Trump SupportersWhen Robert De Niro has something to say, you better believe that everyone in the room is going to sit up and listen. But in this case, there were people who clashed with him because of his opinions.

There’s a new report that says the Hollywood actor couldn’t help but clash with Trump supporters outside a New York City courtroom. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News – Robert De Niro Gets Nasty With Trump Supporters

According to a new report, Robert De Niro for some reason or another was at a press conference outside the Manhattan courtroom where Donald Trump is on trial for his hush money case.

The actor found himself mixed up with a crowd of protestors who called him a “little punk” and went as far as to say that his movies sucked. Ouch.

De Niro told the crowd, The Twin Towers fell just over here, just over there. This part of the city was like a ghost town, but we vowed we would not allow terrorists to change our way of life. … I love this city. I don’t want to destroy it.”

“Donald Trump wants to destroy not only the city, but the country, and eventually he can destroy the world.”

Robert De Niro – Doesn’t Want Donald Trump Back In The White House

He continued, “If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss these freedoms goodbye that we all take for granted. And elections — forget about it. That’s over, that’s done. If he gets in, I can tell you right now, he will never leave.”

He then said, “That’s what Trump does. … We are going to fight back. We’re trying to be gentlemen in this world, the Democrats. You are gangsters. You are gangsters!” But when one protestor yelled that he’s a washed up actor, De Niro shot back with “F*** you.”

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump himself is yet to make any comments about the matter although there’s no doubt he will say something sooner or later.

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