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Ryan Seacrest’s Secret Reason For Exiting Kelly Ripa’s Talk Show Revealed!

Ryan Seacrest recently announced his exit from his talk show with Kelly Ripa. However, the co-host of Live With Kelly And Ryan didn’t share his reason. And Seacrest sparked speculation over why he quit.

But now insiders have spilled the real reason for the busy American Idol host’s exit from the talk show. And it allegedly follows significant concerns for Ryan. Get all the details below.

Ryan Seacrest’s – Talk Show Exit Didn’t Surprise Insiders

Viewers of Live With Kelly And Ryan felt shocked when Seacrest announced his departure. But those who worked with Ryan on the set of Kelly Ripa’s talk show didn’t feel surprised at all. And many of Seacrest’s friends and co-workers had worried about him prior to his exit, insiders told Page Six.

Because Seacrest, 48, often seemed exhausted, some wondered if he could continue to push himself much longer. Ryan’s multiple gigs included Live with Kelly and Ryan in New York City, American Idol, and his syndicated radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest. And working on all those endeavors took its toll.

Ryan Seacrest's Secret Reason For Exiting Kelly Ripa's Talk Show Revealed!

For instance, insiders shared that Ryan began missing more and more episodes of the talk show in the last six months. And those absences combined with his obvious fatigue resulted in ABC coming up with a plan. As a result, last week, Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos agreed to replace Seacrest full-time as her co-host.

Kelly Ripa – Wants To Remain Ryan Seacrest’s Friend

But before finalizing the plan for Consuelos to go from occasional guest host to full-time, tensions grew between Seacrest and the rest of the show’s staff. “Some of Ryan’s absences created tension with everyone involved on the show,” admitted one source. “But everyone cares about him and respects him and just wants to make sure he’s OK.”

And that includes Seacrest’s co-host and friend, 52-year-old Ripa. In contrast to Ryan, Kelly rarely misses an episode after 23 years on the talk show. But as Ryan kept continuing to skip shows, talks started about Seacrest.

“They started talking about Ryan leaving last summer,” shared the insider. “And when they announced Ryan’s departure, both Kelly and Ryan wanted to put whatever issues — arising from the workplace and Ryan’s other responsibilities — they had behind them. They’ve known each other for 20 years and, regardless of recent strains, it is a real friendship.”

Ryan Seacrest – Juggles American Idol With Other Gigs

However, concern that Seacrest had begun “overdoing it” started in 2020. For instance, Ryan sparked rumors that he suffered a stroke during an appearance on American Idol. And he later explained that exhaustion had caused him to slur his words. He then cancelled his appearance on Live With Kelly less than half an hour before air time.

And as time went by, Seacrest started to feel that the schedule seemed overwhelming. Because he disliked living in New York City, he traveled back and forth from Los Angeles to NYC. And Seacrest also traveled for American Idol. Overall, fatigue got to be too much for him.

“It’s exhausting,” summed up another insider. “There are double tapings and he runs between his radio show and ‘Live.’ He’ll have a 10-minute break and they’ll say, ‘Come and do some one-liners for the radio show.’ It’s all added up to more than one person can handle.”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that ABC and Ryan Seacrest made the right decision to replace him with Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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  1. HavShelby says

    Smart move Ryan Seacrest (RS)…better to sub when in town (NYC)…
    Flying back and forth (3 hour time difference) is exhausting… Good Luck, RS.

  2. Carolyn furnback says

    Yes Ryan Seacrest happy for you. Everyone needs to get a break. Will miss u but, you are leaving the show in good hands. And you take care of you . The show will be there, when they need u to sub….

  3. Carolyn furnback says

    Yes Ryan Seacrest happy for you. Everyone needs to get a break. Ur leaving the show in good hands.

  4. Maria Doherty says

    Good luck Ryan but so excited my favorite couple will be hosting together. I have loved Mark and Kelly since their All My Children days ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Rosemary Zappia says

    Yes! Great idea. He’s spontaneous, has a great sense of humor and comfortably fits the part. Good luck Mark!

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