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See Which Tom Hanks Movie Roles Dennis Quaid Turned Down

Can you believe that Dennis Quaid turned down, not one, but two movies made famous by Tom Hanks? Like, what? So here’s the gist.

Dennis Quaid Jokes He And Tom Hanks Have A Lot To Talk About After Turning Down Roles That Got Popularized By Hanks

Let’s do a quick flashback to when Dennis Quaid just casually told us that he turned down the opportunity to star in the 1998 fim “Big,” as a result of receiving several job offers at the time.

We all know what happened, Tom Hanks replaced him for the lead role in “Big” and made “Big” big (sorry I couldn’t resist.) “Big” did turn out to be a very successful movie. In fact, one of the most successful in Hanks’ career.

See Which Tom Hanks Movie Roles Dennis Quaid Turned Down

“I think I turned it down for something else,” he recalled. “Well, I can’t remember what it was. I also turned down Peggy Sue Got Married… that turned out to be a good choice but it was turning down [Francis Ford] Coppola.”

“The only regret I have in my career, it’s not any of the movies I did even if they turned out not to be what I wanted them to be,” he explained.

“The only regret was that I didn’t get to work with director David Lean. He gave me a part in Nostromo and I got to spend some time with him. That was really one of the great moments for me.”

During the premiere of his new movie “The Long Game,” E! News caught up with the star to learn more about his decision to turn down “Big.”

“I saw last week you said you turned down a movie role in “Big.” Did you ever talk to Tom Hanks about that?” the interviewer asked.

Quaid replied that he and Hanks are yet to talk about it. He also jokingly added, “I also turned down “A League of their Own,” so I guess we have a lot to talk about.”

While Quaid is busy promoting his new movie “The Long Game,” Hanks is busy reprising his famous role in the upcoming movie “Toy Story 5.” In case you’re wondering, he’s the voice of our very own Sheriff Woody.

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