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Shania Twain Reveals Heart-breaking Reason She Did Not Always Feel Good About Being A Woman

Shania Twain Reveals Heart-breaking Reason She Did Not Always Feel Good About Being A WomanShania Twain is finally opening up about the true feelings that inspired her song, ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman.’ She also touched on how her abusive childhood made her wish she wasn’t a woman for a lot of her developmental years.

Shania Twain – Talks Creepy Childhood Experiences And How That Culminated To ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’

Growing up in an abusive home is far from an ideal situation for any child, and for the country singer, it would seem that she got a double dose of what it means to be in a toxic environment due to her mother’s second husband sexually assaulting her on top of physically abusing her.

All this led to the feelings that inspired her 1997 hit song, ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman.’

Twain opened up about that phase of her life during her interview with The Times published on Sunday, June 23.

“That song was me saying I have waited too long to feel good about being a woman. For many years I shied away from it or wished I wasn’t a woman. I was a shy, insecure female — not person,” she said of the song featured on her ‘Come On Over’ album.

Twain, 58, continued: “My brain said, ‘I don’t really care what I am,’ but my body got in the way — the female got in the way. I’ve got curves so I had to set boundaries and guards very young. I did everything not to bring attention to them.”

She confessed that the insecurities made her miss “out on the joy of being a female,” as she revealed that she never “once went to the beach in a bathing suit” during her teenage years.

“I knew that boys were going to take advantage of me in one way or another,” she added.

However, through the years, she started to love her body and to come to terms with everything about it. “But then I became tired of acting like I’m not a female with curves, so I wrote ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman!’ I guess I was a late bloomer in getting comfortable in my own skin, but after a while you just have to stop picking away at the things you can’t change.”

Shania Twain – Opens Up About The Fight For Female Performers To Be Better Represented In the Entertainment Industry

The five-time Grammy winner also dived into the need for female performers to be better represented in the industry.

“When you are a child you identify with people and see possibilities, but there is a lack of representation for women in this industry. It’s a lot more than just sexism, it’s about representation — for young girls to go, ‘I want to be her,’ you need to make that feel obtainable,” he said.

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