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Simon Cowell Was Surprised By This AGT Winner

Simon Cowell has been judging competition shows for decades – and the emphasis is on decades – and yet he managed to be surprised by America’s Got Talent season 18 winner. I guess even Simon Cowell hasn’t seen it all, now has he?

Simon Cowell – Confesses He Didn’t See A Professional Dog Trainer And His Dog Winning The Competition Series

Through the years, a lot of surprising and amazing acts have graced the tough competition rounds to come out on top as winner of America’s Got Talent and the cash and glory that comes with it.

From singers, dancers, magicians, snake charmers, contortionists, illusionists, puppeteers, ventriloquists and so many others, the talent contest always has a lot to offer fans at every stage.

Simon Cowell Was Surprised By This AGT Winner

While trainer Adrian Stoica isn’t the first to introduce his cute dog to the world via the show, he sure was the first to come out on top.

Adrian Stoica and his border collie Hurricane’s winning performance saw the adorable collie performing all sorts of tricks set to Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

When the winner was announced, there were many who were surprised by the choice, and Simon Cowell was one of them.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the show, the star said: “You can’t please everyone — there were people who were disappointed, people who were surprised, but it’s a public vote, and their act last night was amazing,” Cowell said. “So a bit of a surprise, but I’m happy. I would’ve been happy with anyone winning from last night, if I’m being honest with you.”

However, he did reveal that his long stint as a competition judge has meant he’s better acquainted to being surprised than most people.

“The dog is so adorable,” Cowell, who is an obvious dog lover, said. “And I think that was pretty amazing. It was like a happy ending.”

He also shared that his 9-year-old son Eric was a huge fan of the pair and was “thrilled” that they eventually won the show.

“We’re going to have a good car right back [home],” he laughed.

Heidi Klum – Reveals the Reasons She Loved Stoica And Hurricane’s Performances

Believe Heidi Klum when she says she’s seen a lot of dog acts, but not one so special as Stoica and Hurricane’s.

“I’m super excited for them. [Stoica’s] a really lovely man. Hurricane is super cute … I loved that he did everything without treats,” Klum gushed. “Because we’ve seen a lot of dog acts, and what they do is they always constantly feed little treats to the dog in order for them to do the next thing, or they yell at them to do different things. And it was just beautiful how Hurricane could just memorize all of the act without him prompting [her].”

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