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Tiger Woods Is Celibate Now

Tiger Woods Is Celibate NowSome words just don’t go together, like Tiger Woods and celibacy.  If you have followed the golf-pro over the decades, then you know that he’s a notorious cheater and actually did a six week stint in a sex-addict rehab center back in 2010 after his marriage to Elin Nordegren fell apart.  So, what has inspired Tiger Woods to give up sex?  Keep reading for all the details!

Tiger Woods’ Tough Times

Tiger Woods is in a state of despair at 48 years old.  The golf star was in a nearly fatal car accident in 2021 and had to have multiple surgeries on his leg and foot just to avoid amputation. 

Tiger’s injuries were so severe, he was actually forced to drop out of the 2022 PGA Championship.

In 2023 Tiger gave it another shot and was only able to play 14 holes in the Masters before he dropped out because of excruciating pain.

At this point it’s unclear if Tiger’s golf issues are actually a result of his car crash injuries, or a deeper issue that’s all in his head. 

Regardless, Woods seems to think that the answer to his problems is giving up sex and becoming celibate.  Whether or not he can actually do that remains to be unseen.

Can Tiger Woods Be Abstinent

An inside source dished to National Enquirer, “Tiger believes having sex weakens his intensity and focus and his will to win because he is stated and comfortable in the aftermath.  He feels that it steals something from him competitively.”

The tabloid snitch added, “Tiger is an absolute fiend when it comes to sex.  He’s obsessive about it, he thinks about it all the time, and so he faces quite the test in even limited bouts of abstinence.”

It’s interesting that Tiger Woods is willing to give up sex to save his career, but it wasn’t worth giving it up to save his marriage and family. 

Do you think Woods should throw in the towel and just retire?  Or does he still have a few more rounds of golf left in him?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more celebrity news and gossip.

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