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TikTok Trolls Johnny Depp Over Unsealed Docs

TikTok Trolls Johnny Depp Over Unsealed DocsDepp/Heard news reveals that social media is on fire over recently unsealed documents that point to Johnny Depp as abusive in his relationship with Amber Heard. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Johnny Depp/Amber Heard News – Documents Reflect Poorly On Johhny Depp?

Depp/Heard news reveals that videos on TikTok appear to mock the Pirates of the Caribbean star after a number of new revelations were shared. It came this week following the unsealing of over 6,000 pages of documents, about the couple’s relationship, that were not allowed at the trial.

The 6,000 pages of documents don’t exactly paint a pretty picture of Johnny Depp. In Depp’s defense, neither does Johnny. However, unfortunately for Depp, legal experts are also saying this doesn’t look good for Johnny – and TikTok is taking that and running with it.

Johnny Depp – Supporters Mocked Heard for Months

In spite of the fact that TikTok was largely pro-Depp and anti-Heard throughout the multi-million-dollar defamation trial, several TikTok videos mocking the situation have gone viral. Some of the revelations that have come from the swath of documents include the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas actor’s texts to Marilyn Manson discussing Depp’s attempt to use Heard’s period as a stripper against her in court.

Heard, on the other hand, has been targeted relentlessly in recent months during her lawsuit against her ex-husband and, on social media, the Aquaman actress was mocked tirelessly by supporters of Depp.

Johnny Depp – Supporters Paid For Unsealed Documents

Meanwhile, Heard has been the target of endless scrutiny, in recent months, during her court battle with her ex-husband. he was also relentlessly mocked on social media by ardent Depp supporters. In fact, TikTok users even made clips mocking Heard’s testimony alleging she was hit by Depp.

The documents, which Depp supporters ironically paid for copies of, have illuminated new information, some of which has fostered a slew of viral TikTok clips.

Johnny Depp – Shoe On The Other Foot Much?

“I’m sorry but it’s too funny that fans of Johnny Depp paid about $3K to get a copy of unsealed court documents to further humiliate amber heard only for those documents to incriminate depp as the abuser,” reads the caption for one viral TikTok video shared by user @justiceleaguesmanager. It amassed over 100K views.

User @katiejgln produced a clip featuring the text: “So Johnny Depp fans crowdsourced thousands of court documents to unseal the court document hoping to find dirt on Amber Heard, only to find dirt on HIM.”

Another video, by user @katiejgln reads: “So Johnny Depp fans crowdsourced thousands of court documents to unseal the court document hoping to find dirt on Amber Heard, only to find dirt on HIM.”

Be sure and check out some of the clips yourself and return here often for more Depp/Heard news and updates.

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