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Tyra Banks Is Getting Slammed For Being Toxic On Her Latest Television Shows

For anyone who has been paying attention to everything that Tyra Banks has been doing both on and off screen these last few years, this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

There’s a new report that says a lot of people are keeping their distance from Tyra because of her toxic behavior on one of her television shows. Here’s what you need to know.

Tyra Banks – Is Getting Slammed For Being Toxic On Her Latest Television Shows

According to the National Enquirer, there are some people behind the scenes that say teenage Generation Drag contestant Jameson Lee was verbally abused and manipulated to be a drag queen by his own parent Robin Fulton had a very difficult time behind the scenes of the show. And apparently, Tyra tolerated his mother’s behavior the entire time.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, “Watching this woman treat her son so poorly was one of the most uncomfortable situations I’ve ever experienced in the industry.”

Tyra Banks Is Getting Slammed For Being Toxic On Her Latest Television Shows

Unfortunately though this isn’t the first time that Tyra has been accused of overseeing abusive behavior at the workplace. That’s because she apparently turned a blind eye when the going got rough while hosting Dancing With The Stars and America’s Next Top Model. Not only that, but Top Model hopefuls say that they were exploited, underpaid and even abused by Tyra because of the way that she treated them.

No One Wants To Work With Tyra Banks Anymore

A source says, “Tyra annoyed audiences and co-workers by making the show all about her,” while also adding, “She has suffered a lot of backlash and admits sometimes feeling like she’s grasping at straws trying to launch a career comeback.”

Now, whether or not that happens remains to be seen but for now it seems like there are more people out there who would rather not work with Tyra than work with her. So far the former supermodel herself has not made any comments about the criticism.

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