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Dancing With The Stars: Alfonso Ribeiro SHADES Tyra Banks As Tom Bergeron REACTS

Dancing With The Stars: Alfonso Ribeiro SHADES Tyra Banks As Tom Bergeron REACTSDancing With The Stars (DWTS) just made a major change ahead of shifting networks. And it involves former solo host Tyra Banks acquiring a co-host. But as the news broke, Banks’ new colleague Alfonso Ribeiro seemed to throw shade at Tyra!

However, the always upbeat former DWTS host Tom Bergeron came through to reduce the tension. Find out how Bergeron reacted to the new co-host announcement. And see what Alfonso stated that seems like shade below.

DWTS Ex-Host Tom Bergeron Dishes On New Co-Host!

A class act! Even after getting booted from the show that he helped soar in the ratings, Tom Bergeron knows how to stay positive. And he did so graciously after Alfonso Ribeiro became the latest DWTS co-host. Turning to Instagram, Tom congratulated Alfonso, noted People.

Many Dancing With The Stars fans still miss long-time host Bergeron. But rather than complain, Tom got classy in commenting on Tyra Banks’ new co-host. And fans applauded his gracious approach to his career. Bergeron even shared a picture with Ribeiro. Looking ahead, the former DWTS host also commented on the new show-runner for season 31.

“Now, getting Conrad Green back as DWTS show-runner is only ONE of their smartest decisions. Here’s the other one,” wrote the 67-year-old TV star about Ribeiro, 50. “Congratulations, buddy! 👏🏼.” Alfonso moves into his new position after receiving the 2014 Mirror-ball Trophy award with pro dancer Witney Carson.

DWTS Fans And New Co-Host Alfonso Ribeiro SHADE Tyra Banks!

However, while Tom Bergeron kept his DWTS comments classy, fans did not. And their dislike of Tyra Banks sparked a flood of Twitter shade. For instance, one wrote in response to Alfonso’s announcement, “That is awesome news! I wish they would have fired Tyra and let you host alone. She is soooooooo annoying, and good luck getting any time to say anything while she drones on about whatever. Happy that you will be there though and here’s hoping you’ll be the sole host very soon!”

But while fans got direct in slamming Tyra, Alfonso kept his comments subtly shady, noted Nicki Swift. And Ribeiro served up his sass in a discussion with Good Morning America about co-hosting with Tyra. “My goal is to bring the fun and the loving, and the energy, and the … uh, the laughter back to the ballroom,” stated Alfonso. Oops. Did Ribeiro just claim that Tyra REMOVED all the fun, energy, laughter, and love from DWTS?!

In addition, the new DWTS co-host shaded Banks’ solemn approach to hosting. “I feel like sometimes it gets a little serious,” stated Tyra’s new colleague. “And while it needs to be that also, it also needs to be light and fun and cheery.” That makes two times thus far that Alfonso publicly hinted that Banks lacks the ability to bring fun to Dancing With The Stars. Anyone want to bet that he won’t stop there?!

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Alfonso Ribeiro may only just have begun mocking Tyra Banks? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more Dancing With The Stars news!

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  1. Kelly says

    I’m glad of the new co-host. But I do wish they would get rid of Tyra. She seems to lack people skills. She irritates completely. She is the worst host of any of the shows I’ve watched her on. Last year I recorded the show so I could fast forward through her ADHD comments. Let her go!

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