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Who Is Valerie Bertinelli’s New Boyfriend, Mike Goodnough?

Who Is Valerie Bertinelli's New Boyfriend, Mike Goodnough?Valerie Bertinelli dropped a bomb on her followers last month and announced she had a new boyfriend.  Apparently, the actress met her new man on Instagram.  So, who is Mike Goodnough, and how did he catch the actress’ eye?  Keep reading for all the details!

Valerie Bertinelli was infamously married to rocker Eddie Van Halen from 1981-2007.  In 2022 Valerie confirmed she and her second husband Tom Vitale had split. 

The actress announced in November 2022 that the messy divorce was finally finalized and and referred to her former marriage as “toxic.”  Valerie actually wound up paying Vitale over $2 Million in their divorce settlement.  But, the actress doesn’t see to be losing any sleep over her ex and has revealed she is dating someone new.

Valerie Bertinelli’s New Boyfriend

This month Valerie confirmed on social media and on the Drew Barrymore show that she had a new man, a writer on the East Coast named Mike Goodnough.  So, who exactly is Mike Goodnough.

Bertinelli’s new boyfriend is no slouch on social media, and actually has a massive following thanks to the essays he posts on Substack.

Who Is Mike Goodnough

According to Page Six, “Goodnough has a large online following — 25,500 Instagram followers and 412,600 X followers as of April 2024 — under the name “The Hoarse Whisperer.”  The self-proclaimed “late-starting writer” pens essays for his Substack subscribers about traveling, parenting and more.”

Interestingly, Valerie seemed to try and keep her new boyfriend’s identity under wraps.  But, the entire time they have been dating, Mike Goodnough has been proudly posting the actress on social media and making sure everyone who follows him knows that they are dating. 

Since Mike Goodnough began dating Bertinelli, he has been sharing multiple posts about his new girlfriend, and even has been promoting her cooking books and interviews.

Do you think Mike Goodnough and Valerie Bertinelli will last?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here on Celebrating The Soaps for more celeb gossip and news.

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  1. Nat says

    Mike Goodnough has lacked steady, full-time employment for more than a decade. He typically devoted the bulk of his free time to compulsive tweeting, often posting responses to high-trafficked accounts, all of which helped the witty writer to amass so many followers (though like many, Goodnough’s activity on Twitter has since waned following the site’s acquisition by Musk).

    His shaky finances, which have led him to implore Twitter users for donations of gas or beer money, along with suspicions that he still resides in a home owned by his mother, likely contributed to Valerie’s awkward early refusals to reference Goodnough’s name when talking him up to press.

    In 2022 Bertinelli divorced her second husband Tom Vitale, a financial planner she’d publicly adored during their 17-year relationship. Only she then developed a passion for posting copious social media posts of her own, seemingly driven by a post-breakup need to vent about Vitale as little more than a toxic freeloader from her past. Which makes her hasty love match with the financially needy Goodnough look anything but…good.

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