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Wynonna Judd Wants To Keep The Judds Alive Following Painful Few Months

Wynonna Judd Wants To Keep The Judds Alive Following Painful Few MonthsIt was a sad April for both the Judd family and their fans when Naomi Judd was discovered dead at her apartment, a day before she and daughter Wynonna‘s country music duo, The Judds, was meant to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

It was later revealed she ended her own life using a firearm in the middle of what would have been their farewell tour. Even through the pain, Wynonna is keeping the dream alive and will be completing the tour. Here’s why and how she plans to do it.

Wynonna Judd Says Tour Will Be Different Following Her Mother’s Death

This Saturday will mark the premiere of “Neon Songbook Radio with Hunter Kelly” on Apple Music Country, a radio series that will explore the career and legacy of The Judds. In a preview of the episode, Wynonna opened up about the future of The Judds, and what the upcoming tour will look like after the death of her mom and musical counterpart.

“My dear, as the thunder is happening here, I’m going to be probably right back where I was for the memorial, so broken and so blessed. I don’t know what to do other than just stand there and look around and go, ‘huh.’ This is crazy,” Wynonna, 58, shared during the final episode of the series. “Life is so strange at times, it knocks you over. It just is so almost unbearable. But then you are able to laugh in the very next second. It’s the dangest thing.”

She then explained why she wanted to carry on with the tour – which will kick off on September 30. “I think it’s so important to do it and yet I don’t even know if I can say I’m looking forward to it because it’s so devastating. The first time that I see a video screen of her on it. And I’m going to be so freaking mad at her for not sticking around to do it. And I’m going to be just so frustrated. So, it’s going to be an interesting, ‘Oh, I know, let’s do all five stages of grief in a two-hour segment.’ It’s going to be so weird.”

Wynonna Judd On Life After the Unexpected Death Of Her Mother

Both Wynonna and Ashley Judd have opened up about how their mother’s death has affected not just them, but the way they see the life their mother lived.

“It’s so weird. It’s like the weirdest part of life when you have to deal with all of it at once. And I think any given night, I may be absolutely standing victoriously in this state of bliss. And then the next I’m crying, snotting from my nose.”

She then explained that the reason she wants to carry on with the farewell tour is because of the fans, and maybe to inspire a new generation of people, even after she’s gone, that she was able to carry on.

She concluded, “Everybody’s wanting to look for this perfect answer. There is no perfect answer for this tour or anything else in life. Life and death happen all at the same time for some of us. And I just think it’s important for me to use my gift for as long as I have left.”

The eight-part series will take listeners from the early days of The Judds in the ’80s, all the way through their induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year.

While most of the series was recorded before Naomi’s death, the final episode have been revised to reflect Naomi’s death. The series, however, will be a celebration of The Judds’ long and successful career.

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