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Eva La Rue Says All My Children Reboot In The Works

Eva La Rue All My Children alum Eva La Rue promises that all of the rumors about a possible reboot for the series are “very real.” While there have been scarce updates about the new Pine Valley series (with just a little information revealed back in December of 2020 and again in February of this year) Eva, who played Maria on AMC, says that there’s definitely something to look forward to. Here’s what you need to know.

Eva La Rue Says All My Children Reboot In The Works

During an interview with Daily Blast Live, when asked about the future of a possible All My Children reboot, Eva had this to offer: “It is very real. So it’s in the works.”

“This is the anniversary of the 50th year that the show would have been airing,” she added. “This is the perfect year to launch the very first ever soap opera transitioning into a nighttime drama.”

The Pine Valley reboot is said to center around a rivalry between the Kate and Santos families. Talk about intense drama, right? Back in 2019, Karey Burke, who previously was ABC’s entertainment president, hinted that there have been “conversations” going on about the soaps and what direction the network will soon take. That year she also made comments about the matter during the Television Critics Association and indicated some changes are definitely going to be made.

Fans Want More Info About Pine Valley

Burke that there’s a very good chance that we might see some of our favorite soaps back on the small screen in no time. Burke said, “We’re really looking at everything, which includes other models and ways of telling those stories.”

As many fans can remember, All My Children was “killed off” in 2011 with One Life to Live shortly thereafter. But as many daytime television fans even know, no one is really dead when it comes to the world of soaps, right? These shows might end up coming back from the dead just like so many of our beloved characters throughout the years. At least, that’s what our hope is!

So far ABC has not made any comments about the future of daytime television but fans are still hoping for the good news. We will definitely update you with more information as it comes in. For now, we will just continue keeping our fingers crossed!

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