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Will Dancing With The Stars Host Julianne Hough Take Tyra’s Heat?

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) returns with Season 32 in the fall and pro-dancer, Julianne Hough co-hosts with Alfonso Ribeiro. Of course, she replaces Tyra Banks who left at the end of Season 31. Will fans of the ABC show give her as hard a time as they gave her predecessor?

Julianne Hough – As Co-Host On Dancing With The Stars

There are a lot of changes in the new season of the show. Additionally. names start to leak about who might be in it. Of course, one of the first to get leaked and then confirmed by Julianne’s brother, Derek, was Arian Maddix. The Vanderpump Rules star seems like a popular choice. Alan Bersten is super-excited about the jilted Bravo star joining the competition. 

Dancing With The Stars fans are not all excited about the Houghs taking over so much of it. After all, Derek petty much takes over from Len Goodman as head honcho judge. Mind you, he is spilling details on the next season. So, there is that. Actually, he was the one who announced his sister’s promotion as co-host. 

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough – Will Takes Tyra Banks-Style Heat?

DWTS fans are already busy discussing the next season of the show. On Reddit, u/PemsRoses wondered if Julianne Hough will end up slammed just as much as Tyra was. In their post, they wrote, “DWTS Poster for the new season (I’m expecting the same backlash as Tyra received..” Actually, it’s an interesting observation.  

Will Dancing With The Stars Host Julianne Hough Takes Tyra's Heat
u/PemsRoses / Reddit

Dancing With The Stars fans joined in the conversation, and it generated quite a lot of responses. Change is always difficult for people to accept. On the other hand, in the case of Tyra Banks, plenty of people called for change. So, what are people saying about Julianne Hough? 

DWTS – Fans Comment

Because the poster for the show just revealed Julianne and Alfpnso, one follower commented, “if the main promo poster remains Julianne and Alfonso I think a lot of people will be equally annoyed. However, my main problem with Tyra was that she didn’t care about the dances & the ballroom that much.” However, they added, “I don’t think we have that problem with our current host duo so we’ll see!”

Another contributor said, “Alfonzo and Julianne will be much better received because Julianne has been a guest judge on the show, she has competed in, and won the competition. Alfonzo won the competition with Witney as well.”

Meanwhile, others talked about how Tyra was disliked before she even started hosting the show. 

What are your thoughts? Are you glad to see that most people disagree that Julianne Hough will as much heat as Tyra Banks? Let us know in the comments below.  

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