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Days Of Our Lives Arianne Zucker’s Press Conference, Provides Shocking Details Around Dismissal & Lawsuit

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans are still buzzing over the lawsuit launched by a veteran of the show, Arianne Zucker (ex-Nicole DiMera).

The wrongful dismissal legal suit was filed against Corday Productions, Executive Producer, Ken Corday, and former Executive Producer, Albert Alarr.

On February 8th, the actress organized a media conference with her lawyer, Anahita Sedaghatfar, and in an official and prepared statement, she provided some shocking details that led to her being let go from the Peacock daytime drama.

The Show Tried To “Brush” The Sexual Harassment Case “Under The Rug”

Zucker started the press conference by introducing herself and acknowledging she was a “loyal” and “committed” Days employee, playing the role of Nicole Walker since 1998. The actress notes that over the years, she provided support to colleagues and also became a mentor to some.

Days Of Our Lives Arianne Zucker’s Press Conference, Provides Shocking Details Around Dismissal & Lawsuit

She alleges in her statement that not only was she being degraded, sexually harassed, and violated by former Days executive producer Albert Alarr, but she saw many of her fellow female colleagues being treated the same way.

Zucker notes that in the spring of 2023 when many female co-workers left the show, she gained the courage to come forward.

Arianne goes on to say that she tried to approach Ken Corday about Alarr, but he refused to speak to her on the matter. She then tried to talk about it with a male employee at Corday Production; however, was discouraged from filing a formal complaint.

She would move forward with one anyway, and the next day, she claims that a Sony HR representative approached her.

Zucker was quick to point out that Corday Productions did not have an HR department or anyone to support the DOOL employees, so someone from Sony had to be brought in.

Despite Allegations, Alarr Continued To Be On Set

Zucker claims an internal investigation was launched after her contact with Sony’s HR rep. Still, Alarr continued to work on the set, despite daily interactions with the very female colleagues he harassed.

Arianne was also quick to point out that Alarr wasn’t fired from the show until the Deadline article and petition were launched, which was in August 2023. She adds that her character was written off canvas for some weeks, but returned in August 2023, thanks to her lawyer intervening.

She also points out that during this time her agents received emails stating her pay and been decreased. During the press conference, the actress notes that Corday, as well as a number of male crew members close to Alarr, treated her differently upon her return to set.

Arianne Zucker Knew What She Was Getting Into

Holding back the tears, Arianne states near the end of her press conference she was “pushed out” of her Days job because she stood up for herself and others.

She claims she was eventually released from the show, but not before she, her agent, and lawyers attempted to have a verbal conversation with Corday Productions, which was refused.

She notes she made it clear to Corday that she wanted to stay on with the soap, but nothing was organized. She acknowledges that those people who “warned her” she could get fired from the show for standing up, were right.

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