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Days of Our Lives Fires Exec Producer Albert Alarr Amid Shocking Claims

Days of Our Lives has fired executive producer/director Albert Alarr. The firing comes after Alarr faced numerous accusations about creating a toxic workplace.

And insiders offered detailed allegations about the Days Of Our Lives producer/director’s behavior. For instance, he reportedly “inserted” himself into love scenes on set.

Find out what sources shared about Alarr’s allegedly offensive actions on Days Of Our Lives. And learn how he reportedly horrified one actress with his inappropriate actions. Get all the details below, including who will replace him. 

Days Of Our Lives Director Gropes Star Without Consent

Albert Alarr, known as a director and co-executive producer of Days Of Our Lives, developed a reputation for crude comments as he directed the cast.

Days of Our Lives Fires Exec Producer Albert Alarr Amid Shocking Claims

And he also allegedly got much too involved during the filming of love scenes between the stars. But insiders began speaking out about Alarr’s misconduct on the set amid demands to fire him, reported Radar.

In the wake of misconduct allegations, Sony Pictures Television led an investigation for nine weeks. Alarr reportedly groped and inappropriately touched actresses. And even behind the camera, the Days Of Our Lives director reportedly made crass remarks. 

For instance, Allar allegedly “forcefully grabbed and kissed” a Days Of Our Lives actress. And he reportedly did so “without her consent at an event after the show had won an award, leaving her horrified.”

However, the Sony Pictures Television-led investigation against Alarr initially let him off with a written warning. And he also received a request to undergo training.

Days Of Our Lives Fires Exec Producer

But now Days of Our Lives has fired Albert Alarr. And the firing takes place “effective immediately,” revealed Corday Productions president and Days EP Ken Corday in a note late on Friday. “Janet Drucker will be elevated to co-executive producer of Days of Our Lives, replacing Albert Alarr, who will be exiting his role,” reported TV Line.

Allegations included Alarr behaving abusively to staff and cast. And he reportedly made them “feel uncomfortable and humiliated.” But although at first holding onto his positions as director and producer, the “outrage” amid the cast and crew reportedly resulted in his exit.

And the allegations included Alarr’s alleged behavior “during love scenes. [Alarr] has been inserting himself into them like, ‘Let me show you how to do it.’ And this is awkward and uncomfortable,” added the source.

And an actress complained that the Days Of Our Lives director “often” flirted with and hugged stars. “And then a lingering hug and then his famous line,” recalled the actress. “

If he said something derogatory or sexual, it always came with a chuckle and ‘A good thing there’s no HR.’ I can’t tell you the amount of times I heard that,” added the actress.

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  1. Marilouise says

    At last this horrible situation has been resolved. I am relieved and very happy for the cast and crew of Days of our Lives that this torment has ended. Looking forward to a happier environment for all.

  2. Ella Moon says

    Why did he initially just get reprimanded and told he had to take a course? Who was trying to protect him??? Really upset at the way this was handled when many of the actors had had problems with him for a long time. My understanding is Ken Corday knew this guy for 20 years. Corday had to be hearing things about him for a long time.

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