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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen Dimera Demands Wedding Or Else – Will Brady Agree?

Days Of Our Lives: Kristen Dimera (Stacy Haiduk)Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Kristen Dimera (Stacy Haiduk) has decided to once again up the ante with Brady Black (Eric Martsolf). It isn’t enough that Kristen forced Brady to break up with Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). Kristen will threaten to withhold the antidote unless Brady marries her. Will Brady comply or has he done all he can to save Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall)?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Marlena Evans Is Already Suspicious

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Marlena Evans is already suspicious of Brady’s reunion with Kristen. After all, Brady and Chloe have been getting along just fine. Marlena is nobody’s fool and even begins to question Kristen about the sudden change of heart. Will Kristen give their secret away or can she manage to keep her devious plan under wraps?

Brady has already been forced to agree to live with Kristen as a couple with their daughter Rachel Black (Finley Rose Slater). Kristen wants Rachel to have the advantage of living with both of her parents. Kristen’s desire to give Rachel a united family may include forcing Brady to marry her. After all, how much more united can they be than that?

DOOL Spoilers – Kristen Dimera Holds All The Cards

Kristen knows that she holds all of the cards in this scenario. Marlena, along with Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans) and Kate Brady (Lauren Koslow) will require at least one more injection before they are cured. There is also the possibility of a booster shot down the road. How long with Dr. Rolf’s (Richard Wharton) cure last?

Brady has no way out. If the orchid or at least a seed can’t be found, Brady is stuck. So far there is no way to synthesize a cure for this toxin without that orchid. However, Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) was once Rolf’s protégé. Can Rex find a way to create this compound in a lab without the orchid? Could someone finally get their hands on the plant without Kristen or Rolf knowing?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Brady Black Has A Weak Spot For Kristen Dimera

No matter how much Brady protests he has proven time and again that he has a weak spot for Kristen. Of course, with Kristen demanding they live together as a family, Brady will eventually end up sleeping with Kristen, he always does. Will Kristen take things one step further and insist that Brady marry her before she releases the much-needed injection?

Kristen will use any means possible to hold onto Brady. Will Rachel finally have the family she wants? Is Brady destined to be stuck with Kristen for years to come?

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