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Royal Family News: Who Are Prince William And Kate Middleton When Cameras Turn Off?

Royal Family News: Who Are Prince William And Kate Middleton When Cameras Turn Off?Royal Family news reveals that Prince William and Kate Middleton show a different face to the cameras than the one they present when they’re turned off. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Royal Family News – Butler Reveals Sweet Details

Royal Family news reveals that, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Prince and Princess of Wales were just “like any boyfriend and girlfriend” during the early dating stage of their relationship. A former butler for the family, Grant Harold, recently revealed what Cosmo called “sweet details” about his time spent working for the Royal Family – namely Will and Kate’s relationship.

The couple found one another while moving into the same halls of residence at St. Andrews University. They quickly became close friends

Special Connection With The Prince And Princess Of Wales

Grant Harold is now an etiquette expert. However, during his tenure as King Charles III’s butler, he witnessed the Royal family dynamic unfold at every stage. He was there when both Queen Consort Camilla and Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family.

He watched as Prince William and Prince Harry went off to university and he was working there when Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh celebrated 60 years of marriage together. Recently, in an interview with Slingo, Harold spilled the beans on his time at Highgrove House, where he observed the prince and Kate Middleton’s relationship blossom. According to the former butler, it was in this role that he was able to build a special connection with the Prince and Princess of Wales.

What Were Prince William and Kate Middleton Like?

When asked what the prince and princess were like at the beginning of their relationship, Harold told the outlet, “Oh, like any boyfriend and girlfriend. Not any different to anyone else, it’s mad saying that when you think about who they are, but there wasn’t anything different.”

He emphasized that what he like, was that Kate was “being a girlfriend,” and not, as it were, a “member of the royal family.” He said that she was “so polite, friendly, and fun and making jokes.”

“It was always fun,” he said, “and it was always nice that I got on so well with them because they’d then ask me to travel the country with them. When my phone used to go off and it was William, all my friends would be like that’s so cool, but to me it was normal.

“That was the relationship I had with them. I think it was really special and not unusual, actually, because in a private home you’re expected to get on with the family. As for the younger members of the family, you’re not employed by them, but you end up having a relationship with them as well. There’s very few people that the Royals actually get to know, so you do feel lucky that you were trusted with that.”

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