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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sexier Story Lines And Swearing Stars On Peacock?!

Days Of Our Lives Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that when the soap opera moves from NBC to Peacock, fans can expect a change. And the teasers also hint at everything from swearing to some surprisingly sexy scenes. However, fans also have come up with some ideas for how Days Of Our Lives might get edgier.

Find out what producers have hinted about how Days Of Our Lives moving to Peacock could impact the show. And learn what fans say. Get all the details below.

Days Of Our Lives News – Moves To Peacock: What To Know

Still not clear on what Days Of Our Lives’ move to Peacock means? As a result of some contradictory reports, some fans remain confused. However, despite those reports, producers promise a seamless transition from NBC to Peacock, reported Soap Opera Network.

Mark your calendar for Monday, September 12. Season 58 begins on that date, but that Monday also marks the move to Peacock. And Days Of Our Lives will air all new shows only on Peacock. However, viewing Days Of Our Lives does require paying for a premium service tier on the streaming service.

When the last NBC episode of Days Of Our Lives airs on September 9, the network will have aired more than 14,000 total episodes. It debuted on November 8, 1965. And Days Of Our Lives producers have promised that Peacock will air five episodes every week. The format will remain the same.

DOOL News – Peacock’s Days Of Our Lives: Edgier And More Titillating!

But while the format remains the same, Days Of Our Lives executive producer Ken Corday hinted at a shift in the content. And he pointed out that leaving broadcast TV means the ability to produce edgier content. After Days Of Our Lives begins airing on Peacock, Corday predicted more “titillating” episodes.

And summing it up, the producer added. “It’s still ‘Days of our Lives.’ But it’s not your mother’s ‘Days of our Lives.’ It changes, it’s growing, but in all the best ways. The network has been extremely positive, extremely encouraging, extremely happy, all the extremes, and are allaying any qualms I may have. So, it’s really wonderful to have that kind of profile from programmers and the business people that run NBC and Peacock.”

And fans also came up with some predictions. For instance, one fan in Reddit‘s Days Of Our Lives noted, “When some of my favorite network shows moved to streaming platforms (“Evil” comes to mind), the shows got “edgier”, for lack of a better term. F-bombs and more S-bombs and more explicitness in terms of sex. There were also a few s-bombs in Beyond Salem Part 2.” 

Days Of Our Lives News – Fans Share Wish List For Edgy Changes!

And several fans expressed enthusiasm for Days Of Our Lives offering more explicit sex and swearing. However, another fan warned, “I’m sure purists will be outraged by this. But it may help bring in new viewers and keep the show going. If that’s the direction they’re heading in.” And another fan chimed in, “I wanna hear Kate/Marlena/Paulina/Maggie/Julie be like “oh for f**ks sake” whenever something crazy af happens.” 

Other wish list items from fans anticipating an edgier Days Of Our Lives include exchanges between characters. For example, one fan wrote, “It would be deeply satisfying to hear Maggie tell Victor to stop being such an a*shole.” And another joked, “Julie saying “Oh for f**ks sake” would absolutely slay me. I would like to hear Doug say it too. 😂😂😂😂.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Days Of Our Lives becoming edgier and featuring sexier scenes with swearing? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more Days Of Our Lives news.

  1. Linda McCabe says

    Like the series as its been do not need swearing etc its a family show. Have been watching since the beginning and have not decided if I will continue to watch and have to pay for it

  2. Susan says

    In making these edgier changes I think it is just to attract the fans to think that it is OK to swear and exploit sex. The world is already going to hell and this is just causing more trouble.
    Days already has more followers the way it is now and I’m sure most of them enjoy the show as it is. Dot going to Peacock!

  3. Sue Everett says

    Im happy to say that after watching Days for almost 52 years, I wont be watching it on Peacock.
    It looks like it will be almost x rated and with alot of cuss words.Go ahead Days cater to the college age group, I hope you loose all the loyal fans you have had for years.

  4. Donna L Schueler says


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