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Prince Harry Fails To Reach Queen In Time, Grandmother Dies Without The Chance to Say Goodbye

Prince Harry Fails To Reach Queen In Time, Grandmother Dies Without The Chance to Say GoodbyeBritish royal family news divulges that Prince Harry, who renounced his crown and family in 2020, failed to make it to his grandmother’s deathbed before her death today at her Balmoral estate in Scotland.

It was reported that her family members rushed to her side but that Harry, who was in the UK on business, landed in Aberdeen shortly after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Buckingham Palace declared the passing of Britain’s longest-serving monarch aged 96 at 6.30pm this evening, and according to the Daily Mail, “flight data shows the Duke of Sussex’s jet was still in the air at the time, not touching down at the airport until nearly 15 minutes later.”

Harry reportedly refused her previous offer to visit Balmoral during his business trip. While Harry chose to try to see her before her passing, his controversial wife Meghan Markle remained in London, deciding not to accompany her husband.

Prince Harry Went Alone

It is not the first time that Meghan has chosen not to accompany Harry to significant family events. She was not present when he and reportedly estranged brother William unveiled a statue at Kensington Palace in honor of their late mother, nor did she travel with him to attend his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral last year.

The couple were in London to attend the WellChild Awards in this evening. Harry was to have made, “a speech at tonight’s awards, which honours the brave deeds of seriously ill children, before he cancelled the appearance.”

A source said that Meghan may or may join Harry and the rest of his family, “in Scotland at a later date.”

Royal Family News: Will Meghan Markle Join Prince Harry?

Meanwhile, the queens’ loved ones rushed to be at the queen’s side, with now-King Charles, “seen carrying a briefcase … with his wife this morning. Princess Anne was already at Balmoral after an engagement this week. A flight carrying seven members of the Royal household – including Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex – flew from RAF Northolt in London and landed at Aberdeen at 4pm.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

Since Megxit, Harry and Meghan have earned public scorn for trashing his family unrelentingly and a particularly ugly interview with Oprah Winfrey aired while Prince Philip was on his death bed.

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  1. Brends says

    Prince William also didn’t get to say a goodbye. Harry is not alone in that statement. That he was not allowed to travel with other royals has been blown out of proportion. If something happens William he needs to survive as next adult in line to help Prince George as he prepares for his role as King in the future. Why was he delayed? Dealing with a pouting and crying wife?

  2. Just123 says

    Have absolutely no sympathy with Harry for not reaching his grandmother in time before she passed.
    He’s had several years but HE CHOSE to not spend time with his family and also CHOSE to alienate the entire family with all the garbage and slander he and that wife were spreading.
    I have felt all along that Harry would live to regret his deplorable behavior since marrying MM. Harry was allegedly the queens favorite and they had a special bond…..well he sure had a funny way of showing it.
    His and MM’s behavior right at the time of his grandfather’s death doing them interview and then not taking his children to visit their great grandmother knowing she was likely not going mto be around much longer…..shameful behavior. It’s ultimately all on him for allowing his wife to treat his family as she has and also letting her convince her to treat them terribly. Diana would be so sad. No matter how bad things were for Diana at times she knew her place, and always showed respect, something that seems foreign for MM.

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