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Who Is Orpheus On Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives: Orpheus (George DelHoyo)Days of Our Lives Orpheus (George DelHoyo) is also known as Milo Harp. Orpheus was trained with Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) and was his ISA partner years ago. Orpheus first appeared on October 20, 1986, and has played the role a few times since then.

Days of Our Lives Orpheus – Orpheus Is Considered Dangerous

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Orpheus has made sporadic appearances on Days of Our Lives but he is one of the evilest and most feared villains in daytime tv. Orpheus’ evil is only superseded by Stefano Dimera (ex-Joe Mascolo) and Andre Dimera (Thaao Penghlis). Orpheus married a woman named Rebecca and they had two children, Christian Maddox (Brock Kelly) and Zoey Burge (Alyshia N. Ochse). Roman accidentally killed Orpheus’s wife in 1979 leading to his life of crime. Orpheus resigned from the ISA and began planning his revenge against Roman.

DOOL Spoilers – Battle In Stockholm

Days of Our Lives’ John Black (Drake Hogestyn) arrived in Salem believing he was Roman. In 1986, Orpheus decided to battle Roman for his first bout of revenge. Orpheus kidnapped Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) from the ISA. To make “Roman” suffer Orpheus shot Marlena in the back with a tranquilizer so he would know how it felt to watch his wife die in front of him.

Later, back in Salem, Orpheus blew up Roman’s house with Marlena instead and made it look like she was dead. Orpheus had, in fact, kidnapped Marlena and made her play mother to his children in exchange for his promise not to hurt Roman or her children. Orpheus has always been cold and calculating. Orpheus’ plans played out in great detail without mistake because he loves to play mind games with his opponents. Orpheus allowed “Roman” to find him on the island only to fake Marlena’s death again in a plane crash right in front of his eyes.

Days of Our Lives Orpheus – Orpheus Is A Genius

Days of Our Lives Orpheus is a genius who has gotten himself out of trouble and escaped time and again. Orpheus continues to play mind games with his opponents and has gotten away with many crimes through his ISA connections. Orpheus’ only weakness seems to be his love for his children and his family. However, Orpheus tries to manipulate his son causing him to pull away from his father. Orpheus talks down to this son and expects him to be a more formidable opponent. Orpheus feels that Christian is too soft and is not man enough to be called his son. When Christian was last seen he vowed to have nothing to do with his father. Orpheus tends to demand that his children support him no matter what.

Orpheus still blames John for Roman’s crimes and goes after him and Marlena every chance he gets. Will Orpheus ever stop terrorizing the Blacks?

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