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General Hospital Comings and Goings: Gregory Harrison Joins GH As The New Gregory Chase

General Hospital Comings and Goings: Gregory Harrison Joins GH As The New Gregory Chase

ABC General Hospital has recast the role of Gregory Chase (formerly James Read) with Trapper John and Judging Amy star Gregory Harrison. Will he spice of the romance and intrigue on the GH set?

Dashing Good Looks

General Hospital’s Harrison is the perfect recast to play the father of the handsome Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Gregory has enough resemblance between the actors that he could pass for their father. Harrison, compared with Kim Delaney’s Jackie Templeton would certainly make a believable set of parents for Chase.

Harrison’s salt and pepper hair used to be dark like Chase’s. Also, Harrison’s character may be debonaire enough to hold his own with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). Will we see some tension between the two as they via for Jackie’s attention? Will Robert cause problems for Chase’s parents now that he and Jackie have reconnected?

This Could Open Up The Story

With Harrison’s good looks and charm, it could certainly open up this story. If some of the rumors are true about Jackie cheating on Finn with his father, this change could make the story very juicy. Could Finn have been Jackie’s boyfriend and she strayed while Finn was in medical school? Could Jackie have gotten pregnant by Finn and married his father to keep him from having to leave medical school? Something drastic had to happen to cause Finn to cut ties with his father.

It’s hard to believe Finn is simply upset because of how quickly Gregory and Jackie got married. There seems to be more to the story especially after Jackie’s warning to Chase. Jackie made it clear that Chase doesn’t want to open this can of worms. What is Jackie so desperate to hide? If this secret is enough to hurt Chase in some way, then it must be something drastic about how Chase came about. Would the truth about Finn and Gregory’s falling out completely change Chase’s life? Could Chase end up finding out that Finn is his father and not his brother?

Harrison Is A Versatile Actor

In addition to his other endeavors, Harrison also starred in Falcon Crest and One Tree Hill as well as Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shore and various Hallmark and Lifetime movies. This may be a change of pace for Harrison since soap operas air five days a week as opposed to Falcon Crest appearing only weekly. However, Harrison is sure to be an asset to the General Hospital cast. It will certainly be nice to find out why Finn and his father have been estranged all this time.

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  1. lbc says

    I can say he does have good looks.

  2. Guest says

    Let me guess who you hook him up with let me see you going hook up with somebody and than have him leave or break their hearts coldness writers they don’t have a hear or soul in their body if they did they wouldn’t ruin everything it’s starting to get dark just the way the writers like it dark they pissing me off I can’t believe the are really doing this if they ruin everything you know what test means need to be replace I don’t think want to get on my bad side I want one thing and one thing only so don’t you ruin it for writers I’m telling you I only care about one thing right now and they now what it is start next Thursday when somebody make a confess the writers probably lead him to a have a broken heart if they do that ain’t going to sit well for me I’m will be pissed at the writers for doing that make a big mistake if they do so don’t let me down

  3. Guest says

    why bring new people in I hope somehow GH can work it out that way no one has to leave I hope it work out

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