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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nina Gets Married To the Mob, Sonny Chooses Her Over Michael?

General Hospital: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)General Hospital (GH) spoilers divulge that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) could be courting Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) soon, but appearances may be deceiving. What are his motives for wanting to wed the perky blonde he fell for in Nixon Falls, PA?

Let’s unpack this juicy scenario GH fans, one you just know is sure to frost Carly Corinthos’ (Laura Wright) shorts.

General Hospital Spoilers -Will Sonny Remarry?

All heck is about to break loose on the mob front. Sonny Dimples Corinthos is the undisputed east coast king of mobbing, but someone is making noises about nosing in on his turf. That was made clear when he was held up at gunpoint in his own place, Charlie’s. Nina was there to witness the whole thing and truth be told, she kind of dug how Sonny reacted like a boss. Will she soon become Mrs. Boss?

Nina grabbed a gun during the fracas, so maybe she wants in on the action—running a magazine conglomerate can only take you so far. It’s nothing compared to the adrenaline rush of fisticuffs and gunplay—or so we’ve heard.

Later Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) said that Nina is sweet on the sour side of Sonny, adding fuel to the fire that Nonny is becoming a thing.

GH Spoilers – Nonny Is A Thing

Nina even acknowledged that she’s Nina’s learning to like all of Sonny, even the dangerous parts. Right now Selina Wu (Lydia Look) is looking to immerse herself in some risky business with her poker games all over town and it looks like the mobsters will have to partner up and deal with the west coast threat together.

General Hospital Spoilers – What Happens Next In Port Charles, New York?

Can you see Selina and Nina trading makeup secrets? No, we can’t either. But the way Nina handled the gun and the gleam she gets in her eye around Sonny might mean she will stand by her man and for all intents and purposes fill the void that sultry mobstress Ava once occupied.

The rumor mill is churning with intel that Sonny will see fit to put a ring on it due to the mob chaos and it’s clear Snarly is done with the former amnesiac. If Sonny marries Nina there are multiple consequences, from Wiley’s visitation issue to Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) expose on her. Tell us what you think of Nonny wedding bells GH fans!

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  1. Guest says

    I am done with general hospital The show is a joke Sonny don't act like a mobster and Nina makes me sick ,goodbye General hospital

  2. Guest says

    I think GH needs new blood where the writers are concerned if this is the best they can come up with. Ghosts? Seances? Sonny with Nina who people can’t stand. Why isn’t he fighting for Carly? Or vice versa? No wonder so many viewers are not watching anymore. And the reason why the Young and the Restless are beating them in the ratings.

  3. Guest says

    I no longer watch GH stupid story lines. They need better writers. I had watched since it first came on no more. Can’t take it.

  4. Guest says

    writers sonny/nina, married, you sunk to a new low, you dont care
    what the viewers want,

  5. Guest says

    Yes you’re right they do need new writers please change the writers

  6. Janine Alexander says

    Well Sonny turned his back on his family, I say him and Nina deserve each other. I hope Carly and Michael walk away and take there kids with them!
    I hope they bring Jason back for Carly or bring her an awesome love interest! I can’t wait when the fun hits the fan with Willow! Boy Nina will be taking down a peg or two!

  7. Guest says

    Sonny & Nina – NO
    Just no. Have Sonny & Carly back together. Put Nina with someone as lame as she is.
    AND, just for the record, the actress filling in for Nancy G, playing Alexis, is doing a great job. I like her.

  8. Guest says

    I no longer watch GH! I can’t believe the Sonny/Nina storyline! So sad ! Nina is awful! GH will get canceled soon because everyone feels the same way!

  9. Mimi says

    If sonny marry nina, I'll be glad to see him leave sooner than later.. Bring Jason back. Writers need to do a better job.

  10. Guest9899 says

    Fire them ignorant writers!! Sonny is such a punk now! He's a wanna be mobster now & Nutty Nina is a skank & hopefully Selena puts a hit out on her!!

  11. Guest says

    Love Nina and Sonny! I hope they get married. Carly is a shrew, and Michael is a male version of Carly, both are very vindictive people. I cannot wait until they find out that Nina is Willow's mother, "must see tv"!!!

  12. Jane says

    No to Nina and Sonny. He belongs with Carly.

  13. Guest says

    I agree with you ! I love Sonny/Nina. I to hope they get married. Carly an her son are to of a kind.They keep putting Nina down for things that she has done. Carly is just as bad if not worse than Nina. I don’t like Carly never did. Ok I’ll go for now..

  14. Guest says

    Yes, I too like the actress filling in for Nancy Grahn. As far as I’m concerned she can permanently replace Grahn!!

  15. Guest says

    Nina needs to be destroyed. She’s a deceitful evil woman. She’s a psycho and always has been. This story line shows how clueless these writers are. They are completely ignoring Nina’s previous psycho behavior.
    After what Nina has done to Sonny and his family not only now but also in the past…..any decent man would never side with her and turn his back on his wife and children for the likes of Nina. These writers are delusional if they think viewers are going to settle for this kind of writing.
    More and more are leaving and I’m also one of those who no longer watches GH. This Sonny/Nina story is disgusting and the writers would be smart to start listening to what the viewers want.

  16. Guest says

    I don't know what happened to the mobster Sonny that we loved! This Sonny is pitiful and as far as he and Nina getting married: please NO NO NO!

    Bring Jason back and the good storylines!!!! These writers don't know how to write!!!

  17. Guest says

    There are many of us that do like Sonny and Nina together. Carly is bored with Sonny and is looking for someone new like Jason. But doesn't want Sonny to have anyone else either. So don't say that everyone wants Carly and Sonny back together many of us don't. You never know what may be coming in the next few months. Just sit back and enjoy that we can still watch GH.

  18. Guest says

    The writers are ruining the show. Nina is a home wrecker

  19. Guest says

    I do Not like Sonny and Nina. Tired of General Hospital storylines

  20. Guest says

    I think the writers need a reality check. Sonny belongs with Carly. They should never of wrote Sonny with anyone else. Carly and Drew ew, shes only interested in Drew cause hes jasons twin brother and she feels closer to jason by being with drew

  21. Guest says

    I am done with GH if Sonny marries Nina. She is a simpleton and I realize that is the role she is to play, but I abet in real life she is still a simpleton and slut.

  22. Guest says

    I think it's time Nina (read WRITERS!) learns she does not run Port Charles or Sonny. Time the writer's put her in her place, preferably far, far away from PC! We are so tired of her.

  23. Guest says

    GH is losing viewers but it quite obvious they really don’t care about the viewers who does not like the Sonny and Nina now they want to married them, so what GH is actually saying it screw those who are complaining

  24. Judy Gaddis says

    I agree that some days I do more fast forwarding on the DVR than I do actually watching. The entire Curtis/Portia/Marshall storyline, for instance, bores me to tears. As well as now there are hints that there might be secret tunnels under the brownstone that Michael Corinthos renovated and that Elizabeth now lives in? That is how this "ghost" is getting in? I still have to wonder if somehow Liz's imaginary "haunting" has something to do with her father, Jeff Webber.

    As far as Sonny marrying Nina goes, I am not crazy about the idea (well, actually I HATE the idea) but, even though it is a childish move on so many levels, it would serve Michael right to get his shorts in a twist over his father married to the hated Horrible Homewrecker Nina as well as throw a wrench into the entire Wiley visitation story. It also might serve to create enough of a jealousy factor within Carly she will stop worrying about Wiley/Michael/Willow, mourning Jason, and everything ELSE in Port Charles that she has no control over and go full tilt trying to win Sonny back and fixing their fractured marriage. Reuniting with Carly might even jolt our former mob boss into realizing that he is more Sonny than he EVER was "Mike".

    P.S. Y&R has been number one in the ratings FOREVER. I used to understand why but it's boring as h*ll now, too. I think all soaps go through these periods where we ask ourselves "why am I still watching this?"

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