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Royal Family News: Furious Brits Want Prince Harry To Stay In America?


British royal family news reveals that Englishman Prince Harry and his posh accent just gave a master class in how to proclaim oneself a douche in the most dulcet of tones, betraying his country and family in a losing bid to be considered American. Stuff it Harry, the next time you find yourself pledging allegiance to the American flag, know that those colors don’t run like a naked Vegas pool boy drunk on 15 minutes of fake fame. Your wife may have told you that America loves and accepts you but you’re so off the menu that a stale pate has a better chance of passing muster.

After his latest interview with an American newsmaker on Wednesday, Harry has managed to p*** two continents off with his outrageously self-centered rants and uncensored disdain for his family. Who does he pledge allegiance to, and if it’s one of the four faces in his marriage, heaven help him.

Royal Family News – Harry Is Not Welcome

Judging by the reaction on social media, Harry best park his camper van on the edge of town after his shameful interview with Hoda Kotbe.

“Furious Brits and royal experts hit out at Prince Harry today after he said America is now his home and hinted he would not be returning to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee,” according to the Daily Mail.

“In a revelation that appalled Brits, he also added: ‘Home for me now is, you know, for the time being, it’s in the States. And it feels that way as well.”

That’s not what the two-faced boy told the High Court in February about the UK: “This is and always will be his home.”

Royal Family News – Harry Is Full Of Himself

In the shameful interview, “Harry refused to say whether he misses his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William amid their ongoing feud – but insisted that he talks with the Queen ‘about things she can’t talk about with anybody else.’”

Adding insult to injury he also claimed that he is ensuring that the Queen is “protected” and has “the right people around her.’”

Royal Family News – Harry Is Persona Non Grata

In Britain the reaction was swift. The comments about the man-child were incontrovertibly decisive. One post read: “Prince Harry said he has found peace in California. Let him stay there. The British Royals have had much more peace since his wife left their domiciles. And, they aren’t too happy with Harry either.” Another wrote, “What the hell does he mean…protected? ….You have become American Harry … so just stay there,” and another pronounced, “Prince Harry says he now feels America is his home. That’s good, stay there. Not wanted here!”

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  1. Guest says

    No. Ever since he married Meghan he thinks that he is better than the Royal family. Well he isn't. He's just making a complete a– out of himself. To trash the Royals like he does.

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