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General Hospital Maurice Benard And Tanisha Harper Reflect On Mental Health And Self-Worth

 Maurice BenardGeneral Hospital star Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) has become known for using his YouTube channel to interview his co-stars. And in his newest video, Maurice spent time with Tanisha Harper (Jordan Ashford). Because Benard likes to focus on mental health issues in his videos, the two General Hospital stars took time to reflect on self-worth. 

But beyond emotional well-being, Tanisha also shared glimpses of her life growing up. For instance, did you know that Harper got discovered by an agent in a shopping mall at age 14?! Find out what Maurice Benard and Tanisha Harper shared in his YouTube video below. And check out the video at the end of this article, then take time to share your views with us!

General Hospital Spoilers – Star Maurice Benard Shares Bipolar Diagnosis

Maurice Benard has developed a talent for conducting interviews with his General Hospital co-stars on his State Of Mind YouTube channel. And the fan favorite just demonstrated that skill with Tanisha Harper. In his new State Of Mind YouTube video, Benard introduced Tanisha by showing his delightful sense of humor.

“She’s a big-time model,” shared Maurice about Tanisha. “And I’m a failed model!” But after joking, the two got serious. For instance, Harper revealed that she was born in Tokyo, Japan. And her General Hospital co-star admitted he would like to travel. But he opened up about his bipolar diagnosis. And Benard confessed that he got claustrophobic on a plane.

From there, Maurice discussed how caring about other people’s opinions can impact his own self-worth. And Tanisha agreed. Because of her modeling background, Harper admitted that she struggled with the fact that her appearance determined her career success. And she began her career when an agent discovered her in a shopping mall at age 14, according to Soap Hub.

GH Spoilers – Tanisha Harper Describes Modeling Stereotypes

However, starring on General Hospital has helped Tanisha find new success. But she also admitted that her struggles as a model have impacted her self-image. “If you care too much about what people think, it can really mess you up,” agreed Maurice. And his comment seemed to encourage Harper to open up about her past.

For instance, Tanisha recalled how she felt constantly scrutinized. “Everything is based on your looks. As a model, it is based on your looks. Are you tall enough? Skinny enough? Are you proportioned enough? Whatever it is,” she noted. And as Harper progressed, she traveled around the world modeling.

However, expectations shifted in different areas. For instance, the General Hospital actress revealed that in California, she got labeled as too thin. “And they said you are too skinny,” recalled Tanisha. “Because, in California, they liked the girls to be a little healthier looking. It was more lifestyle oriented. And I couldn’t help that.”

General Hospital Spoilers – Tanisha Harper Celebrates Starring On General Hospital

As a result, Harper tried to gain weight. And she even hired nutrition experts to try to fit into that stereotype. But acting also includes judgments about appearance.

And the General Hospital actress recalled getting criticized for different aspects of her appearance during acting auditions. “They tell you straight up to your face at these auditions, ‘You’re not tall enough’ or ‘Your boobs are too big’ or ‘They are too small’ or ‘You have acne.’ It was a lot,” admitted the actress.

However, now Tanisha has learned to take pride in her achievements. And she wants people to know her for all her different skills. For instance, Harper has worked as a writer and edited a magazine. And she shared, “Now I need to celebrate that. Own it. And be proud of it. ‘Yes, I am a model. Yes, I am an actress!’ They are all great.”

Watch the State Of Mind video below with Maurice Benard and Tanisha Harper. And then tell us what you think. After you share your views, check back on our site for more General Hospital news.

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